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Passing the DP-203 Test and Obtaining the Microsoft Azure Data Engineer Certification

by Saransha
DP 203

The world today is completely digitized. From shopping to even booking beauty services, we can do everything with just one click. While scrolling on your favourite shopping apps, you would have seen the “you may also like” option? Have you ever wondered how Amazon and other shopping platforms know what you like? All of this is a result of artificial intelligence(AI) and machine learning (ML).

Both AI and ML are not only restricted to the ‘you may also like’ option and are spread across various branches. They are providing brands with data, allowing them to make their interfaces more and more user-friendly. Due to the same, companies are always in dire need of data scientists. Raw data in its truest form does nothing to draw inferences. It has to be structured to make important inferences from it. For the same, companies and brands are always looking for capable data engineers to understand the statistics, which will help companies and brands understand their consumers more precisely. 

AI and ML have far greater influence than one can realise. And hence the craze for the Microsoft online test, DP-203, has been increasing. Passing the exam grants prestigious certification in the field of data engineering. DP 203 checks an aspirant’s knowledge of data architecture techniques and data processing, giving them a start to becoming exceptional data scientists of the future. 

But if you are someone who is hearing about this course for the first time, don’t worry. Here you can get full knowledge about DP-203 Microsoft online test, why it is so important for a data engineer, and how you can crack it. 

Why is the DP-203 test important for Data Engineers?

Companies these days are led by AI and ML. As mentioned earlier, the data acquired from both is raw and needs to be sorted and structured in order to draw inferences about the brand’s growth. Data engineers convert this valuable data into high-quality ones, responsible for drawing inferences.

With so much data, excessive storage is needed, which is only available on cloud services.  Due to the same, companies have started to store their data in the cloud and are using more Data-Driven-Decision-Making processes for their business. It has tremendously increased the human resources needed for data engineers. Since post-pandemic enterprises are once again on track, there has never been a better time to be a Data Engineer.

Being the second largest cloud service provider, Microsoft Azure is a cult favourite among companies. Doing the DP-203 test enhances the chances of better career opportunities for an individual who has this data Engineering Certification. 

Where can I learn for the DP-203 test?

The test seems easy, but it is difficult in nature and requires the utmost dedication. Many platforms are available today that provide self-learning material and coaching for Microsoft online tests. 

Not only this, Microsoft itself provides free learning resources from where you can learn to crack the exam.

But rigorous learning will be difficult if you’re a candidate with eight hours of work. On top of that, the syllabi are much too. Irrespective if you are a newbie or a data analyst trying to up your credentials, this exam requires you to self-learn with patience and dedication. 

Candidates preparing for the exam can refer to instructor-led courses by providers like Koenig, where you get professional training and guidance from industry experts without making a dent in your pocket.

What is DP-203 Microsoft Certification?

The DP-203 exam lets your master your skills in digital and cloud businesses. Azure services work together to enable you to design, implement, operationalise, monitor, optimise, and secure data solutions on Microsoft Azure after completion of this course. After passing the exam, the candidate acquires a Microsoft Azure Data Engineering certificate. 

You can take the DP-203 exam by paying only $165. The exam has 40- 60 questions in multiple-choice format or online answer-based questions. To pass the test, candidates must earn 700 out of 1000 marks. The time limit of the test is 120 minutes. This test mainly focuses on the following subject:

  • Subject 1: Designing and implementing storage of data (45 to 50%)
  • Subject 2: Designing and developing data processing pipelines (25 to 30%)
  • Subject 3: Designing and implementing data security procedures (10 to15%)
  • Subject 4: Monitoring and optimisation of data storage and data processing pipelines (10 to15%)

Purpose of DP-203 Microsoft Azure Data Engineering Certification

The applicants take this exam to showcase their skills in designing and implementing data solutions. Although this certificate does not guarantee a job, it is the best way to tell recruiters that you are a capable data engineer ahead of your peers in terms of data expertise. 

Last Word

Today only having a degree is not enough. Nowadays, companies are looking for candidates with practical skills to fill the gap between the demand and supply of data. DP-203 Microsoft Azure Data Engineering Certification is the best method to show recruiters that you have what it takes to be an asset to the company. Many other Microsoft online tests can help improve your credential if you are interested.

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