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NovoClinical EHR Software And Its Reviews

by larajohn

NovoClinical EHR Software is a cloud-based and on-premise solution that can be easily adapted to fit the unique needs of any small to midsize medical practice. Its user-friendly interface is simple and familiar, making it easy to use for physicians and other staff. Additionally, it features templates and reports that are specifically designed for each practice. In addition, in April of this year, NovoClinical received certification from ONC as a HIT (Health Information Technology) solution.

Review Of NovoClinical EHR Software

NovoClinical EHR software is cloud-based and can be used on any device. This feature offers convenience, security, and mobility. The software also has the ability to connect to other vendors and process-specific practices. This software is designed for small to mid-size practices and features a comprehensive suite of tools.

NovoClinical EHR is a practice management system that combines advanced features with a user-friendly interface. It can be installed on-premise or in the cloud and is compatible with iPads and other tablets. The user interface is familiar to physicians and is easy to learn. The system also includes customizable reports and templates. It has been recognized by the ONC as a 2015 HIT.

NovoClinical is a cloud-based electronic medical record (EMR) software system from Novomedici LLC. It helps large and small medical practices with appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, voice recognition, and timesheet management. NovoClinical has received HIT certification from the ONC (National Committee for Health Information Technology) and is priced competitively with other EHR software solutions.

NovoClinical EHR software is affordable and customizable. The platform is designed for small to medium medical practices and offers unlimited personal training, customized services, and cloud-based operation. It also supports multiple operating systems including Mac and Win. It is also compatible with Linux.


NovoClinical EHR Software has many features that can help a medical practice be more efficient and effective. This cloud-based EHR system is highly secure, easy to implement, and customizable. It includes a patient portal, comprehensive demographics, and telemedicine capabilities. In addition, it offers instant patient access and payment and supports Meaningful Use 2015 certification.

It designs for small and midsize medical practices. Available on-premise and in the cloud, and can access on mobile devices. Easy to use, and its interface is similar to paper charts, so physicians can easily learn how to use the system.

The NovoClinical software provides a variety of features, from appointment scheduling to charting and decision support. Other features include an integrated sample tracking feature. It is a 20015 Level 3 compliant system, which makes it easier to meet the federal government’s quality standards and avoid penalties.

NovoClinical EHR software features are highly customizable, which is beneficial to small and midsized medical practices. It also comes with a free trial version so you can see if it is right for your practice.

NovoClinical EHR Software features include customizable templates. This means you can create templates based on your specific needs and preferences. This ensures that you get the most out of your EHR. In addition, NovoClinical EHR Software offers support for several medical specialties, so you can customize your software to fit your needs.

NovoClinical is a fully EMR system integrates and designes, by physicians for medical practices. Its revenue cycle management and telemedicine capabilities will make your medical practice more effective and profitable. Additionally, its e-prescribing and automated tools will limit the number of errors in electronic medical records. The software also connects with multiple labs and allows patients to view test results online.

Another advantage of the best EMR software is that it streamlines paperwork processes. Instead of having to fill out long forms, you can simply upload them once and store them in a digital format. This will speed up billing and reduce the number of rejected claims. Furthermore, it also allows faster communication of laboratory and radiology results. The integrated system of all systems makes it easier to track patient results, which improves patient care and saves time.


The cost of NovoClinical EHR software varies depending on its features and functionality. The most affordable solution starts at $99 per provider per month, but it can be as expensive as $1,999 per provider per year, depending on the customization and data migration services required. The software is suitable for smaller and midsize practices and can handle multiple specialties. The software also has some free features, but these do not offer full functionality.

The NovoClinical EHR software is designs for small and midsize medical practices. It installs on-premise or uses the cloud and is compatible with mobile devices such as iPads. Has an intuitive user interface that is easy for physicians to learn and use. Awarded the 2015 ONC HIT certification in April 2018.

The integrated EHR from Novoclinical allows you to integrate lab results. This solution is paperless and eliminates the need for faxing test results, which can be time-consuming and costly. The program also allows you to e-sign records and communicate with patients.

The ease of implementation makes NovoClinical EHR software a practical choice for small and midsize practices. The software offers customizable features like automatic data entry for demographics and medical histories, Meaningful Use 2015 certification, and timesheet management.


One of the major challenges of implementing an EHR is learning how to use the new system effectively. As a result, a project manager and lead super user need this. These individuals can help the practice become more familiar with the new system and become proficient in its use.

One of the biggest benefits of an EHR is the ability to optimize workflows, minimize the risk of errors, and ensure patient privacy. To make sure that your new EHR works as intended, you should implement a testing protocol and follow a thorough implementation plan. This will minimize delays, increase staff satisfaction, and decrease the risk of usability issues.

A successful implementation strategy should consider each step of the process. It should start with an evaluation of the current workflows and establish specific needs. Then, you should identify the requirements and preferences of your staff. The implementation process will typically last between one month and six to eight months.

It also allows for easy integration and customization. Its modular design and adaptability make it a great fit for a practice’s needs. It’s a cost-effective solution that will make the process of managing patients’ information easier and more convenient.

An EHR implementation should also include a recovery plan in case of a system failure. It should also include redundant processors, which store copies of the active EHR system. If one processor fails, the other one can resume operations. A recovery plan is essential to ensure continuity of service even if the EHR goes down for a few hours.

NovoClinical’s implementation process is easy and painless. With cloud-based and on-premise deployment options, it’s easy to adapt to your practice’s unique needs. Its customizable features allow you to customize reports and other components. The system also supports Meaningful Use 2015 certification.


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