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Modal Hijab of Vela

by velascarves6

Vela, a fashion label from Pakistan, is known for its high-quality and trendy hijabs. This collection includes styles like the Atik Sabri, S.Cafe tech fabric, FlexFit, and Criss-cross. These hijabs are made to last, and if you’re looking for a hijab that looks like a dress, the Vela collection is suitable.

Atik Sabri

Atik Sabri is the stylish co-founder of the brand Vela Scarves, which sells hijabs with zippers, fringe, and pleats. A day after we met for coffee, Atik hopped into her car and headed straight for her hijab’s manufacturing facility. She wore a snakeskin-print scarf and a white denim jacket with black leather trim.

Marwa Atik is a Muslim and wears a traditional abaya only on religious holidays. When she was 18, she realized a need for fashionable hijabs for Muslim women. So she and her sister Tasneem founded VELA, which sells a wide variety of stylish scarves for women worldwide.

Atik began wearing a head scarf when she was in the eighth grade. Her parents were originally from Syria. She was a member of the yearbook committee and spent hours perusing online fashion magazines. She also took sewing classes during the summer of 2009 and was among the youngest students working with older women making quilts.

S.Cafe tech fabric

VELA’s signature Modal fabric makes hijabs comfortable, breathable, and soft. In addition, the company is now expanding its line of hijabs to include bamboo. This environmentally-friendly fiber is both a renewable resource and biodegradable, meaning it’s safer for the environment.

This unique bamboo fabric has many benefits for its wearer. In addition to being odor-resistant, it is also breathable, wicking, and moisture-resistant. This makes the hijab an ideal choice for hot climates. The VELA bamboo hijab is available in two standard sizes, a square-shaped version for younger hijabs and a double-width option.


In the garage of her parents, Atik Sabri began sewing hijabs. She called her company Vela, from Latin for the veil, and decided to make a more unique style than the typical loose hijabs. Her hijabs feature patterns and ornamentation, and they tie differently than traditional hijabs. Although her hijabs are sold only online, for now, Vela hopes to expand to stores and eventually market to women who are not Muslim.

The Vela hijab is made of cotton, which makes it highly comfortable. It has fine holes and is especially breathable, perfect for hot weather. The fabric is also very durable. However, because it is hand-dyed, it may bleed a little during the first washing. It is best to wash it with similar-colored scarves to avoid a color run-off.


The Criss-cross Modal Hijab of Vela is a modern and versatile hijab with its unique criss-cross pattern. It is made from bamboo, a sustainable and biodegradable resource. Bamboo does not require any fertilizers or pesticides and requires minimal water. It is also a natural fiber, so its operation is much safer for the environment.

The Criss-cross Modal HijaB from Vela features handmade, custom-curated colors in a wide range of neutrals and trendy tones. The fabric is durable and comfortable and is perfect for hot weather. Since the hijab is hand-dyed, its color may bleed slightly during the first wash. Therefore, it is best to wash it with other scarves of the same color.

Tech Wrap

The Tech Wrap for Modal Hijab of VELA offers a variety of benefits, making it an excellent choice for women who want to maintain healthy, strong hair while covering their heads. It is made from lightweight, breathable polyester fabric and can be worn as a turban or over the shoulder. Its versatility makes it an excellent choice for summertime wear. It ships internationally from the US, but you may have to pay customs fees if you want to import it to the UK.

The breathable material is great for everyday use, and the fabric is also environmentally friendly. It is hand-colored with non-toxic dyes to create bright tones and an ombre effect. It is available in 12 different colorways.

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