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Martha Stewart Sheets

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Fitted Sheets

There are various styles of Martha Stewart sheets. Understanding the item’s features will be essential if you decide to get one. Here are some examples of the covers and bedding you might find.

Jacquard dot sheet set from the Martha Stewart Collection

The Jacquard Dot covers set is offered in king size and daylily colour. The sheets are among the softest materials you can find, thanks to their 600 thread count. It is twice as soft as 300 count sheets, which are often regarded as the industry standard.

A few king-size pillowcases are included with the set. They are 20″ x 40.” in size. The flat sheet that is provided is 110″ x 108″. On mattresses that are 18 inches deep, the sheets can be used. Cotton is used to make all of the covers. The material is from India and imported.

Martha Stewart Bedding Collection

A California king-size sheet is included with this Martha sheet. The fitted sheet fits mattresses with a height of 17″. Cotton flannel is the used material, and it is machine washable. There are two king pillowcases in the set and flat and fitted sheets. You can stay warm throughout the chilly nights with the help of bedding. It comes in a variety of hues.

“Berry Flowers” from the Martha Stewart Collection

The set includes two pillowcases, a flat sheet, and a fitted sheet. The

Cotton sateen is the material used. The fact that the sheets can be machine washed makes them simple to maintain. As the name implies, the pattern is reminiscent of many berries. The 200 thread count makes it silky and comfortable to hold.

Various Sheets

The Martha Stewart Collection Bedding, Eyelet 300 Thread Count twin sheet sets and the Novelty Flannel Collection are more Martha goods. There are many more sheets available if you search online. Use the following as a checklist to assist you in making the proper decision.

How to Pick the Correct Sheets

Start by examining the size. Although some full sheets are available, most are in queen or king sizes. The thread count comes next. There are 200 to more than 600 of them. The sheets with a higher thread count are substantially smoother.

Last but not least, you should look up the cost of each item. Most Martha Stewart sheets sold online are less expensive than those found in physical locations. But the price of shipping will also be a factor. Calculate the prices for both scenarios to see which is actually less expensive.

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