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Marine Life of Turkey

by Abdullah12
Marine Life of Turkey

Turkey is one of the amazing countries in the world, surrounded by three different deep seas, the Aegean, the Mediterranean, and the Black Sea. In addition, there are many marine animals, including mammals. In fact, there are more than 50 species of sharks and species of dolphins as well in Turkish waters, including white sharks and hammerheads. The Mediterranean Sea water is on more than 2,500,000 kilometers of the sea area alone. Due to the vastness of the Mediterranean, its marine animals can live and swim peacefully with ease, and its sharks never are the price of harm for tourists. In addition, there are some other wild sea animals such as killer whales and jellyfishes in Turkish seas. The major types of marine life in Turkey are as follows:

  • Common dolphin
  • False killer whale
  • Great White Shark

1.  Common Dolphin

 Common dolphins are very popular all over Turkey and especially in Istanbul. This beautiful common dolphin lives mostly in warm tropical waters. These common dolphins’ middle areas have a brighter color and its dorsal fin is looking like a hook. Their back color is a shiny black-gray. These common dolphins’ babies’ sizes are 82 to 87 meters, and the adult male dolphins reach 2 to 6 meters. The adult female dolphin normally reaches 2 to 3 meters in size. These common dolphins’ weights are up to 135 kg. They travel in groups of around ten to fifty. This type of dolphin can be seen on all over the beaches of Turkey.

2.  False Killer Whale

 These dangerous false killer whales are aggressive fish. They mostly live in temperate waters. Their body color is very dark, like dark black and gray. Their lower colors are white and gray. They travel in groups of 15 to 50 whales. Their baby sizes were normally 23 feet and the normal adult whale size is around 80 to 90 feet and sometimes, it goes to 110 feet as well. These types of whale can be seen in the deep waters of Turkey, especially in the Mediterranean and Aegean.

3.  Great White Shark

During the years of 1890 to 2012, there are around 50 great white sharks were found in Turkey’s sea. These great white shark ranges in the length from 13 to 16 feet long, and weight from 700 kg to 1900 kg. According to research, their lives are at risk as it was hardly seen in Turkish seas after the year of 2000. In addition, these sharks hardly ever travel to the shorelines of seas.

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