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Live Streaming For Educational Purpose

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Live Streaming For Educational Purpose

The growing popularity of live streaming has emerged as a diverse platform. Now it is not just about gaming and general streaming. People have come up with creative ways to utilize the platform for the benefit of the masses. Live streaming for educational purposes is one way to use this medium. The idea seems to be useful from the time of pandemic, where all the educational institutes were closed for an unforeseen timeline. To resume the studies, educational institutes came up with an idea of online teaching. Many platforms popped up for this purpose and one of them was live streaming. The core reason to choose live streaming over any other platform is the interactive nature.


Even without a crisis, online learning is changing the lives of many people. It allows students who would not otherwise be lucky enough to experience schools and learn. Indeed, live streaming has increased access to education for people all over the world. Students from Japan can now attend classes in the United States, and vice versa. Students who work full-time can now keep pursuing a college degree in the evenings. Streaming live, in particular, is extremely beneficial to online education. Only videos can simulate a classroom environment and allow for real-time interaction. So, nowadays, it doesn’t get any better than live streaming for education.

The Future of Learning

In the past, the learning criteria was that we used to learn by sitting in a classroom and listening to a boring lecture on a specific subject from a curriculum prepared by a school board. Though students will be able to watch experts in their field solve problems in real time thanks to live streaming. This is more conducive to learning because studies show that we learn more when we can visualize.

  • Analytics 

When an educational institution utilizes a virtual live class service provider, they can have access to user analytics whenever they need it. The educator can assess attendance, engagement, and other factors using a live streaming system. If a large number of students appear to drop out of the live stream at a specific point in time, the educator can evaluate the recording to see how they can achieve better.

  • Reduction in Cost

In the not-too-distant future, streaming live will drastically reduce the cost of education. Even if live streaming sites cost a subscription fee, the cost will be significantly less than the current astronomical cost of education. The most expensive aspect of live streaming will be the monthly Internet and electricity costs, as subscriptions should cost around $50/month, or $200/semester, based on current trends and projections.

  • Accessibility and Interaction 

Students are able to access live lessons from anywhere using only a mobile device and an internet connection. The ease with which a live lesson can be accessed also increases the likelihood of full attendance. Your viewership may increase further if you save and publish your live video.

The live streaming for online education can benefit both students and teachers. The ability to stream from anywhere opens up a world of new possibilities. The live chat feature in a live streaming service for education is also very important in terms of accessibility. Many students are hesitant to ask questions in class because they are afraid of being judged by their classmates. However, when they are in a digital environment, asking a question becomes much easier, which helps them learn.

Setup for Online Class

Now that we have gone through the importance of online learning, it seems to be beneficial for both the student and teacher. We need to prepare for our live stream. Live streaming can be a smooth process if you have prepared your setup beforehand. Just because the stream is one shot process, you have to set up everything accordingly. For your ease we have accumulated some points that will help you prepare your next session. 

  • Pick up a location for your stream. The location has to be a quiet space so that there are no distortions in your stream. Just because the student will be there to learn, the distortion can divert their attention.
  • While choosing a space, make sure that it has a stable internet connection. You know where in your house has the best internet quality. Or invest in some good internet service. 
  • You must purchase equipment to stream educational videos. After all, those videos will serve as a substitute for traditional classrooms. As a result, you must upload high-quality videos or risk losing your students’ attention. Check the quality of your camera, microphone and lighting beforehand. Create a test stream and check your equipment. Invest in a tripod, so that the videos are not shaky and you don’t have to worry about the angles. 
  • You must consider how you will present new information. Will a whiteboard or a smartboard be used? Then you must figure out how to get the camera to capture it. For example, you can record a voice-over while the camera records the whiteboard.

Live Streaming with LivePush

Livepush is a video streaming dashboard that provides live media streaming, live scheduling, and VOD hosting services. It is built on a highly scalable cloud to stream live events at any scale. Easily broadcast live media to over 45 streaming platforms at the same time, including Facebook, YouTube, Twitch and LinkedIn, with no additional effort from the user.


For live and recorded media streaming, Livepush supports HD, Full HD, and 4k resolutions and automatically encodes them into low-to-high resolutions for a faster and more adaptable streaming experience. Livepush provides multiple free plans to avail Twitch and Youtube streaming at the same time. 

Key Takeaways

Live streaming has been around for a while and will continue to be so. People from all over the world can use websites like YouTube to stream their videos and connect with others via live streaming. Its presence will not be limited to the education sector. In fact, the question is not whether live streaming for educational purposes is used, but when.

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