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Legacy Suite – The Company Securing Your Digital Life

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Legacy Suite Company

Who are you? It is a simple enough question, but comparing the answers of somebody born 50 years ago to a present-day young professional will yield totally different answers. We are our social media presence. We are the products and services that we sell on Etsy and Amazon. We are the knowledge and media that we consume. And we are greater than the sum of all these aspects too.


How we are perceived in the online sphere is, with every passing day, creating a greater overlap with who we are away from our keyboards, or AFK. The importance of these accounts, and the value that we create using them, are real to us and to the individuals who consume what we create. Should we not treat our digital presence, a carefully curated and maintained display of who we are, with the same level of safety and security that we treat our physical selves?

Digital Life is Real Life

The rapid adoption and wealth generation of the digital asset industry takes this understanding of digital value to a whole new level. In addition to the communities that we fostered and engaged online, we have digital currencies and assets whose price is governed by the very real phenomenon of supply and demand.  Thanks to the high-risk, high-reward nature of value creation within the digital assets space, the need for a digital equivalent of wealth and inheritance procedure is very much upon us.

Legacy Suite – A Company To Secure Your Digital Presence

LegacyPass Password Manager

As our digital footprint increases, the need to ensure its safety should rise alongside. Legacy Suite offers a variety of tools to simplify the efforts to stay safe online. The first step towards safety online relies on maximizing the effectiveness of the humble password.


Standing as the barrier between bad actors and your personal information, passwords are an essential safety component that, when used correctly, should keep most attackers at bay. A good password is easy to remember, hard for an attacker to guess, and unique for every service that you use. Instead of committing each unique string of characters to memory, LegacyPass is your go-to solution. This modern password manager does the hard job of encrypting and remembering every password for your accounts, letting you remember just a single code. Balancing the convenience of a single access with the best security that passwords have to offer, this is an essential service for staying safe online.

Digital Suite and Legacy Suite

At the end of one’s life, we would expect all the assets that we accumulated in life to be passed onto our next of kin. The hard work that was put in to build a corpus spanning, stocks, properties and vehicles will go through a meticulous process of inheritance in adherence to legal requirements and jurisdictions. Over the coming decades, if our reliance on internet-based services continues along this skyrocketing trajectory, many people will hold a wealth of digitally-native value. We should expect similar treatment for our digital goods. Digital Suite and Legacy Suite enable one to transfer these assets, accounts and online services to a predetermined recipient. This automated system will not protect these assets, but establish the groundwork for the creation of further, intergenerational wealth.


Sign up to Legacy Suite today, and secure your assets for generations to come. For more information on the entire set of services offered by Legacy Suite works, visit the official company website. Keep up to date with all developments at Legacy Suite by joining the community on Facebook, Twitter and Discord.


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