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Learn How To Extract Attachment From Outlook Email

by Sambita
How to extract attachment from outlook email

User Query: Hi there! I am a photographer and I receive so many emails with attachments(mostly image files) from my clients on a daily basis. And, now my Outlook is acting weird. I think the huge volume of attachments is affecting the performance of my Outlook. Lately, I was thinking to download outlook email attachments to my computer. But, I have no clue where, to begin with! So, can anyone suggest how to extract attachment from Outlook email?

Just like the above user, a large number of Outlook users(both individual & professional) have the same query. Well, if you too are searching for a solution to extract the attachment files from your email then you’ve landed on the right page.

This blog explains different methods including an expert solution. So, stay tuned till the end!

Without further ado, let’s dive into the topic and explore the distinct approaches for email attachment extraction.

How Can You Save Outlook Email Attachments?

Basically, there are two ways for extracting attachments from emails in Outlook. However, deciding the right method depends on several factors. Such as;

  • The number of email attachments you want to extract.
  • Whether you want to draw out attachments from a single email or multiple emails.

So, if you are an individual user and have fewer number attachments to download then follow the below manual method.

How to Extract Attachment From Outlook Email Manually?

This particular method is able to extract multiple attachments from a single email only. The steps are simple and is a convenient option for users having a few attachments to download.

If you have a single attachment file from an email then you can directly drag and drop the file on your desktop.

Otherwise, follow the given steps to find how to extract attachment from Outlook email.

1. Go to Microsoft Outlook and open the application on your system.

2. Click on the email from which you want to extract the attachments.

3. After that, click on the down arrow and select the Save all attachments option(if you have multiple attachments).

[Note: For a single attachment, you can click on Save As]

4. Next, a Window will pop up listing all your attachments, press the OK button.

5. Then, Browse the location of the folder. Once you specify the folder path, click on OK.

And, you are done with the process. However, if you are a working professional and deal with multiple emails that contain attachments of different file formats then the above method will consume a lot of time.

Frankly, who has that much free time? So, refer to the next method.

Automatically Save Outlook Email Attachments From Multiple Emails to a Folder

As the heading suggests, this method will let you extract the attachments from multiple emails automatically. How so? Because it uses the Tried and Tested Outlook Attachment Extractor tool. It’s designed with an advanced algorithm that lets users auto-extract attachments from not just emails but also from contacts, calendars, journals, tasks, etc. That’s why many experts recommend this method.

Some versatile feature of the tool includes:

  • Designed to extract attachments from Outlook data files such as PST, OST, MSG, and BAK.
  • Draw out single or bulk Outlook data file attachments at once.
  • Provides an option to extract attachments from selected folders or all folders
  • Let you apply the date filter option so that you can selectively download attachments from Outlook. 
  • Gives the provision to extract attachments from Outlook emails according to file size
  • It allows you to include/exclude Outlook attachments by its file type
  • Provides Naming conventions to save the attachments in order for user convenience.
  • Supports all the versions of Outlook & Windows operating system

Now, if you are curious to know how to extract attachment from Outlook email using the software. Then, follow the below steps.

Software Steps To Take Out Outlook Email Attachments

The procedure is really simple and the graphical user interface makes it easy to use. Here are the working steps of the software.

Step-1: First download the Extractor tool & launch it on your computer system. Then, click on the Auto Locate MS Outlook Default Storage Location radio button.


Step-2: The tool will automatically fetch the PST or OST file from the default storage location as shown below.


Step-3: Specify the Destination location to save the email attachment.


Step-4: Next, you can use the various customized filters such as the options to extract attachments from selective data items, date-filter, naming conventions, etc. All these options will help you how to extract attachment from Outlook email.


Step-5: Once you are satisfied and applied all the advanced settings, click on the Extract button as shown in the below screenshot.


Step-6: Lastly, all the extracted attachments will be saved at the specified location.

Final Thoughts

A simple method to share documents and images is to share them via attachments in an email. However, some users are asking for solution(s) on how to extract attachment from Outlook email. For whatever reason the need arises to extract the attachment files, any Outlook user can draw out their attachments by following the above-mentioned methods. Hence, choose the right method by considering all the factors and save outlook email attachments.

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