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Learn Chinese with Top Private Higher Chinese Tutor in Singapore

by Alexhill

Chinese is the second most spoken language in the world. Almost 1.2 billion people are using it as their primary means of communication. As a fact there are many private higher Chinese tutors in Singapore, but which private Chinese tutor would be right for your ward can be a strenuous task.

It may not be possible for you as a parent to teach Chinese all by yourself to your kid. Chinese isn’t that easy to learn, there are typical grammar and pronunciation lessons that have to be properly taught under professional supervision. Any error on these parts may lead to not having a fair grasp of the language.

So, in this case, you may want to consider enrolling your child in a private higher Chinese tuition in Singapore. And this might be the only way to get you off your concerns about your kid’s Chinese education. Therefore, this article aims to talk about a perfect Chinese learning service in the city. Below you will read about the best private higher Chinese tuition center you can rely on.

Ms. Li Higher Chinese Tuition

The tuition service is managed and run by Ms. Li, a very talented and efficient teacher for higher Chinese education. She is passionate about her career as a private Chinese tutor. Ms. Li has an ensemble of study programs along with substantial expertise in Chinese language teaching and tutoring methodologies.

Reflecting her dedication to promoting private tuition service on Chinese language and studies, Ms. Li works as a full-time private higher Chinese teacher in Singapore. Her tuition service offers an in-depth language coaching program for secondary school students.

With her specialization in private higher Chinese tuition, Ms. Li runs her coaching service at her residence. This gives her full convenience of location, enhancing her focus and coaching abilities for students.

Personal certification & Expertise in Chinese teaching and education

Considered the Chinese language expert, Ms. Li graduated from NUS or the National University of Singapore, Raffles Junior College, RJC and NIE, National Institute of Education. She has majored in Chinese language and studies, including a postgraduate diploma in secondary school education, which makes her the perfect Chinese language expert.

Ms.Li is a former MOE SAP (Special Assistance Plan) teacher and has an astounding 16 years of experience in teaching. With such a level of expertise, her coaching service has become the most preferred and recommended among young language aspirants. She has also received appreciation and recognition from top academic individuals and organizations for her brilliance in private higher Chinese tuition in Singapore.

In addition to her distinctive accomplishments, Ms. Li has been honored with the MOE Teaching award for excellence in language studies and teaching. Besides that, the astute private Chinese tutor has made her presence on channel 8, a prominent Mandarin television program. During the on-air visual broadcast, she offered her praise-worthy and expert opinion on students’ welfare and ease of education for secondary school students.

Ms. Li’s private higher Chinese tuition services

Driven by her high level of expertise acquired over a long period, Ms. Li offers well-organized group and private tuitions to secondary school students. She implements up-to-date coaching techniques and skills in her private higher Chinese tuition sessions. Her hefty experience enables her to have a profound knowledge of various syllabuses on Mandarin Chinese linguistics and education. Ms. Li’s private higher Chinese tuition service provides students with proprietary language coaching programs and course materials.

As a dedicated academic professional, Ms. Li extends her expertise in training students of “O” level higher Chinese and IP school higher Chinese.

So, by enrolling in Ms. Li’s higher Chinese coaching center, your child will not only get proper guidance on Chinese education but also have a thorough knowledge of the rich Chinese culture. This mix of cultural and academic elements in her language training classes helps students to get an accurate and complete grasp of the Chinese language and education.

Ms. Li’s language courseware further encompasses her finely designed personal lectures, content on language guidance, and powerful worksheets.

Talking about her group tuition sessions on higher Chinese language tuition, she encourages her students to have interactive learning sessions, with peer-to-peer discussions.

Furthermore, the private higher Chinese tuition institute with its unique, and effective teaching techniques carefully assesses each student’s learning capabilities and intelligence. This method in turn helps the expert private Chinese tutor in crafting brilliantly customized language lessons for each student. Ms. Li indulges herself in systematic brainstorming activities, to come up with new teaching concepts and ideas for the private higher Chinese tuition institution.

Also, in her language coaching sessions, Ms. Li pushes her pupils to conveniently express their doubts on various topics and adopt an independent thinking approach about their grasping abilities. And this is one of her signature styles to motivate students toward building confidence and positivity in their nature.

 Key Highlights & Summary

  • Highly experienced— Ms. Li with over 16 years in teaching Mandarin Chinese language is vastly familiar with the intricacies of the ancient language. Over the years she has developed a deep understanding of implementing easy ways to learn Chinese.
  • Effective teaching methods— The private higher Chinese tutor revises her teaching tools and techniques in line with the upgrading education system. Ms. Li serves complete proprietary and traditional course materials to students.
  • Flexible coaching program— Every student is unique in terms of learning abilities, so is Ms. Li’s teaching program. She molds her teaching style in a way that works accordingly with a child’s requirement.
  • Customized courseware— She ensures giving a convenient learning experience to each student, during her private higher Chinese tuition service. So any student can expect to learn and practice Chinese based on their level of abilities.
  • Strong communicator— Ms. Li chooses to be most amicable while tutoring and discussing various topics with her pupils. This helps students enjoy learning Chinese and, simultaneously, build a friendly rapport with her.
  • Observant & patient— A long teaching career has made her build up the quality of being patient while handling her students. On the other hand, she also has a keen eye for observing the weaknesses and progress of a child. This enables her to smartly upgrade and strategize her coaching methods.
  • Grow intelligence with current affairs— Apart from offering private higher Chinese tuition services, Ms. Li also emphasizes building awareness and aptitude of her young language aspirants. So, she adds an extra mile by discussing topics based on current affairs in her Chinese tuition sessions. With this exercise, the private Chinese tutor aims to encourage the youngsters to be aware of the progressing world and learn critical thinking skills.

Since her graduation years, Ms. Li carried an inclination toward becoming a teacher and thus devoted herself toward Chinese studies and language training. There are several students in Singapore, who have testified her excellence in making them successful in Chinese language academia and career building. The success report, students’ reviews, and testimonies on her website are the result of her dedication toward spreading valuable wisdom and knowledge on Chinese linguistics and culture. Therefore, Ms. Li’s private higher Chinese tuition service aims to educate and promote awareness about the Chinese language and its academic importance to the current generation.

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