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Is Wood Flooring Ideal for my Staircase

by floorsave

Planning to get solid oak flooring installed in your home but wondering whether you can have the same wood look for your stairs as well? The good news is that, yes, you can get the wood look for your stairs.

When using engineered oak flooring to coordinate with your house flooring, it will look aesthetically appealing and lend a continuous flow to the interior design of your house. Although putting wood flooring on stairs might seem difficult, all the essential accessories are available online to make the process simple for DIYers as well as skilled flooring experts.

Wood flooring can add warmth and timeless beauty to your home décor.

Cladding Stairs with Engineered Oak Flooring

Engineered wood floorboards may help you turn your steps from just serving the practical purpose to a more thought-out, opulent design feature, so your home decor concept doesn’t come to a stop where the stairs begin.

One can install engineered wood floorboards to cover the stairs and give them the appearance you want. Premium engineered wood floorboards offer the desired aesthetic value of solid wood flooring with the additional advantages of engineered wood floorboards, such as durability, making them ideal for covering the staircase.

Complementary Stair Nosing

Engineered floorboards may help you make a seamless transition across your staircase and your home flooring. You can effortlessly find pre-finished engineered wood floorboards online to match the wood flooring of the rest of your house. You can also get stair nosing and other accessories to complement your home decor and create a seamless look. Your stunning stairs can be the focal point of your interior design.

Stable and aesthetically appealing engineered wood floorboards may be combined with a range of nosing. You can build the perfect stairs to fit your space, whether it’s a modern or classic setting.

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Floorsave is your go-to store for buying all types of high quality flooring materials at affordable prices. They offer solid oak flooring, engineered wood, laminate and vinyl flooring. They also have a wide range of engineered herringbone flooring. To seamlessly complete your renovation task, they also offer a wide variety of floor accessories.

Benefits of Engineered Wood Flooring

Engineered wood floor looks as elegant as solid wood floor. The top layer of engineered floorboards is real solid wood hence it adds to the beauty of your home décor. This top veneer layer of authentic wood is set on a stable core made of multi layers of plywood. The engineered floorboards are stronger than the solid wood planks because of the core layers that run in the opposite direction.

The stable core of engineered floorboards ensures that they can be used even in areas with moisture and temperature fluctuations. Wood floors can’t be used in such areas because they can get damaged due to moisture. Wood planks can easily get swelled or cusped, making the flooring option not as stable as engineered oak flooring.

Before selecting a flooring option for your stairs, examine the variety of flooring alternatives available as well as the specific demands of your home. High-quality engineered wood floorboards that have been properly installed can be a striking focal point in any house. When a wood floor is installed in your living area, extending the concept to the staircase might improve the aesthetics of your home.

Discover a wide range of oiled or lacquered engineered flooring online.

Installing laminate wood floor on the staircase

If you currently have a laminate wood floor in your living room and wish to continue it to your stairs, then laminate is a wonderful choice. Installing laminate boards on your staircase is a whole different procedure from installing laminate flooring in your rooms, as your stairs will require nosing to function properly. Even though less expensive, laminate is not long lasting and it doesn’t look as elegant and authentic as the traditional look of wood stairs.

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