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Is maths tuition the reason behind Singapore to rank top in maths?

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Maths tuition in Singapore

Education specialists agree that there are a lot of reasons why Singaporean students are successful in mathematics. The Maths curriculum of Singapore helps in teaching student mastery of this subject through foundational learning. Along with this curriculum, different unique ways of teaching techniques and guidance from maths tutors help Singaporean pupils to understand maths easily. If you face difficulties in understanding the concepts, you can contact one of the best Maths tuition in Singapore.

Maths curriculum and maths tuition in Singapore is considered the best:

The curriculum of Mathematics is considered to be one of the supreme in the world but it was not always this way. The Singaporean maths curriculum was first developed by some teachers of the Ministry of Education in the mid-1980s. At that point in time, the standards of Singapore Maths were not that good. Even the nation did not participate in the International maths competition. A group of teachers were assigned to develop the curriculum of maths by studying behavioural science and comparing various teaching methods of other countries. What was the motif? The teachers wanted to move away from mindless learning, and rather try to emphasize problem-solving. Those teachers produced a series of textbooks by taking into account the teachings of many educational psychologists.

Their findings were in three stages of students learning and they are:

> Using real objects for visualizing concepts

> Using different pictures

> Usage of symbols for enhancing learning

With these stages, the maths curriculum started to become of the best in the globe and Singaporean students began to ace this subject. Along with the curriculum, maths tuition in Singapore is also responsible for the nation to rank top in the world. Most parents are worried about their kids, especially in maths and science. They want them to understand mathematical concepts and score high grades. So, the amalgamation of both curriculum and tuition is proving good for pupils. Both of these reasons majorly contribute and help the nation to rank top in maths. You can reach out to one of the reliable Secondary maths tuition centres in Singapore.

What are the issues with maths which students face?

Few students avoid mathematics and they believe they are not naturally good at it. Why do only a small number of students find maths interesting? The fact is everyone is good at mathematical calculations. The capacity to do maths is a skill that students can learn and master through hard work, patience and clear understanding. Always remember it is not any kind of talent which is gifted to a few people. Pupils who find maths an interesting subject and are good at it, sit down & properly understand the subject with patience, not give up in a few seconds to conclude maths is hard. So, the main issue is a very small one that needs hard work and proper understanding through tuition.

Find out the reasons Singaporean students excel in maths:

We have previously talked about the maths curriculum and maths tuition. Apart from these, there are more reasons which make Singapore rank top in Mathematics:

1. Strong foundational learning

Foundational learning is important for the students to succeed in mathematics as their curriculum demands in-depth mastery of maths. Every chapter and lesson focus highly on mastering a limited number of concepts efficiently. It leads the pupils to perform well in exams as they can understand concepts on a deeper level. You can reach out to a reliable secondary maths tuition teacher in Singapore.

2. Adopting mental maths as one of the core principles

Mental math keeps the brain quick & sharp. Like muscles, the brain also gets stronger with use. Mental math helps in improving students’ sense of numbers and understanding the relationship of quantities. Singaporean pupils are motivated to adopt mental maths. It emphasizes fast calculations without outer tools.

3. Visualization is vital

The Singaporean procedure of teaching mathematics is known to be a highly effective one. Rather than taking part in the discussion to solve a problem, pupils take part in the process. Tuition teachers embrace visualization through a model drawing approach that helps in representing word problems in an efficient way. In this way, pupils understand the word problem and its meaning & know the procedure to solve it.

4. Both primary and Secondary maths tuition are important

Both primary and secondary maths tuition are important for students. Maths tuition teachers help students to understand the concepts and topics clearly. They receive the best skills, techniques and abilities to succeed. Maths teachers boost pupils’ confidence, enhance study habits, and offer relevant resources and notes.

We hope that you must have understood why Singapore ranks top in mathematics. The guardian knows the importance of tuition and engages with the leading learning centres for their kids. Students facing difficulties in maths can join secondary maths tuition in Singapore.

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