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Impact of virtual events on the Audio Visual industry

by avcanada

Most businesses have taken their corporate events to the virtual conference platform after a series of restrictions were imposed by respective governments to tackle the ongoing pandemic. When lockdowns were imposed in the first quarter of 2020 and people were asked to stay home to stay safe from the pandemic, many thought that virtual events were only a temporary fix and everything would be back as usual.

But the subsequent months proved that we were wrong. Even at the end of about 18 months many towns and cities across the globe continue to fight the pandemic with no complete relief in sight yet. Thankfully, virtual event services Toronto and virtual event company Toronto have risen to the occasion to help business conferences, workshops, sports leagues, and meetings with community or business partners.

While vaccines have been rolled out in many parts of the world, and in-person events are showing signs of returning, we may still need to wait for several months more before greeting the attendees with a warm shake-hand. Or, the shake hand culture may disappear giving way to the ‘Namaste’ culture prevailing in many Asian communities.

What sets AV-CANADA apart? It is our service and commitment to extraordinary events. We begin by planning early, therefore allowing the remote user to experience testing that is flawless and convenient. We reach out to presenters individually to ensure that they are comfortable with the chosen platform and have all the direction they need. We can manage hundreds or even thousands of presenters, participants and virtual break-out rooms.

We always maintain full control over the conference and provide multiple back up solutions, to ensure we minimize any possible glitches for every situation. Our professional staff offers the highest level of attention to detail, problem-solving and care, so every aspect of your live event streaming or virtual tradeshow and conference is looked after. Having held conferences around the world, we facilitate real-time updates and information sharing to further business and policy decisions.


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