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Before we proceed with the full Canon printer setup, let's give a quick overview of what ij.start.cannon is.

by jonviky0074

What is ij.start. Cannon?

ij.start.cannon is the default web address to access the Canon printer setup and installation process. In addition, users can download Canon printer drivers for their Windows or Mac devices. In addition, users can also visit ij.start.canon to get Canon printer software updates and professional customer support. In addition, users can download and install printer drivers using the instructions on this page. All you have to do is follow the instructions and prompts that your device keeps giving you. After successfully completing the setup process, you can then use the advanced features of your Canon printer.

Setting up a Canon printer

If you are setting up printer hardware for the first time, follow the instructions below from ij.start.cannon:

  • First, unpack the Canon printer to begin setup.
  • Next, remove all packaging (including plastic and other packaging) from all hardware.
  • Make sure your printer is free of tape or plastic covers.
  • Now place the printer on a flat and dry surface. Also, make sure you place it securely.
  • You must also remove the accessories that came with the printer.
  • Now refer to the user manual that came with your printer and follow the instructions for connecting cables and other materials needed for initial setup.
  • Next, connect your printer’s power cord to a power source and turn it on.
  • You must press the power button on the control panel to turn on the printer.
  • Then fill the ink into your printer cartridge, being careful in this step to avoid damage or loss.
  • We recommend that you refer to the user manual for ink installation instructions.
  • The final step is to insert the tray.
  • Make sure you prepare the pages correctly by aligning all the edges before loading them in the paper tray.
  • The pages you load into your printer must be in portrait orientation, so check this. Otherwise, paper jams may occur if you load them upside down.
  • Setting up ij.start.cannon for your Canon printer is explained in these steps. The next step in this process is to download the Canon driver for the printer device. To do this, scroll down to see the process below.

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