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How to use physicians marketing lists on multi-marketing platforms?

by paulmark
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Why is multi-channel marketing important?

Marketing on various platforms lets you reach more subscribers through their preferred communication channel and achieve higher engagement rates. A brand seen just once is easily forgotten, but repeated exposure on multiple channels ensures the subscribers not only remember your brand but are more likely to transact with you. As subscribers use different channels for different purposes, you will have to change your approach to stay relevant.

How are physician email lists relevant?

Email marketing is one of the many multi-channel approaches that let you create targeted messages for different subscriber segments. Sending the same offers to all the subscribers no longer works in this cut-throat competition where the brand that reaches the inboxes first has the upper hand. A physician mailing list provides data collected with the subscribers’ consent and gives you an idea of their market persona that you can use to tailor your messages to their requirements.

Email is a key channel for all types of communications and, when used smartly, can capture and retain the subscribers’ attention. GDPR-compliant database of physicians ensures you do not break any data privacy laws and allows you to execute your strategies smoothly. Geo-targeted databases function differently from specialty-focused ones. The information helps you design emails based on the subscribers’ behavior and stage in the buying journey and implement segment-specific strategies.

Advantages of multi-channel marketing

  1. Get to know your subscribers personally

Although a physician list provides information on the subscribers and their preferences to plan your marketing approach, you can always learn more by directly interacting with them. Gathering feedback is the best method as the subscribers are likely to answer through the channels they use most often. Personalizing your emails with the information you obtain gives you the advantage as the subscribers connect deepest with brands that take the time and effort to understand them.

  1. Diversify your marketing strategy

Focusing your strategies on one channel means you are narrowing your reach significantly. You will be unable to reach the subscribers that do not engage with the channel. A multi-channel strategy lets you display advertisements on various platforms and connects with more leads. While physician contact data is conventionally used for marketing channels, you can customize it to get the subscriber information relevant for multiple channels.

  1. Build trust among your subscribers

It is easier to nurture existing customers than bring in new ones. Addressing the subscribers’ various requirements on select channels can increase the subscribers’ trust in your brand. Improving the customer experience creates a favorable impression that can land you leads from their referral network. As the subscribers spread the word about your brand, you ensure they have solidified their position as loyal customers while pulling in high-performing and promising leads.

Healthcare Mailing vs. other data providers

At Healthcare Mailing, we place equal importance on providing a well-researched quality physician email database and value-added services. The databases are flexible and can be customized for information on more than 35 data points to assist in your multi-channel marketing efforts.

For various reasons, subscribers change their contact information- phone numbers and email addresses. They may change jobs and no longer have access to the work email addresses, or they may create a new email account and stop using the old ones. Regularly updating the database is a standard industry practice to ensure you do not contact your subscribers and send messages at addresses that no longer exist. By doing so, your communications are at a reduced risk of hard bounces, enhancing your domain reputation in the long term.

Benefits of using Healthcare Mailing’s physician email marketing list

Healthcare Mailing’s accurate lists offer benefits that allow you to reach qualified leads and guarantee that your messages reach the right subscribers-

  • 985k+ verified physicians’ email addresses
  • Database segregated by physician specialty and type of practice
  • 100% data ownership with unlimited usage rights
  • Data credits if the hard bounce rate exceeds 85%
  • Guaranteed 90% inbox delivery rate

We ensure you have an exceptional customer experience with our generous guarantees, prompt customer assistance, and speedy shipping. Our data requires no additional expenditure as technology is only involved during our AI-assisted verification procedures. Otherwise, the data is easily downloadable as .xls and .csv files and effortlessly integrated into your existing CRM without technical expertise. After the physician email addresses are customized, they are delivered in 24-72 hours with a no resale guarantee. A 24/7 customer assistance team will stand by to provide flawless guidance throughout the business interaction.

Healthcare Mailing’s targeted list gives 90% accuracy on the contact details and lets you promote your products and services directly to top physicians across the USA.

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