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How To Style Joggers For Women?

Joggers For Women

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Women’s joggers are a pair of loose-fitting casual-style pants with an elasticated waist that has gained popularity with the rise of athleisure. Joggers can be made of a material similar to sweatpants, and their overall fit also resembles sweatpants. But a more tailored look and elasticised ankle cuffs of joggers create a significant general difference. These features make it easy to identify both sweatpants and women’s joggers.

In recent years, joggers that look more like slacks or chinos have also become a famous bottom option. 

Joggers are not only made to be worn casually, they are versatile garment pieces that can be styled for smart casual and formal events. You just have to choose the right fit, and most preferably, choose the fitted joggers style and avoid wearing baggy ones, whether you are dressing up for a date night look, hanging out with friends, or wearing it casually. 


Women’s joggers might appear overly casual, but you can style them for many looks in several experimental ways. It might seem tricky, but the right and complementary accessories and garments make the task much easier to do. So, let’s dive in!


How To Style Joggers For Women?

A Chic Casual Look!

Women’s joggers are a timeless part of a street style inspired attire, so the easiest way of wearing a pair of joggers is styling and pairing them with street-style fashion staples like a hoodie, a t-shirt along with a pair of classic sneakers. 

You’ll have a more put-together and sophisticated look while wearing joggers with more structured pieces, like a slim-fitted Pink Longline Sweatshirt, or a classic white Ecru Longline Sweatshirt. 

Similarly, the sneakers you select should be spotless and in a good shape and condition because the elasticated ankle cuffs will most likely bring unwanted attention to your footwear. In more simple and clear words, if you are wearing dirty sneakers or other shoes, it will become more obvious wearing them with women’s joggers.  



Dressier Appearances!

Due to joggers’ naturally sporting appearance, they cannot be substituted for more formal or dressy trousers, but that does not mean they cannot be worn for an out-of-the-ordinary night out. You just have to learn the right styling tricks and options to slay your every jogger’s look. 

If your joggers are similar to chinos or made of denim, try teaming them with an unstructured blazer and a slightly tucked button-down or an untucked one.

Coming to wearing footwear, consider wearing a pair of loafers or more formal sneakers. You’ll look gorgeous either way with an attractive dressing sense and appearance. 

Layering for a More Flattering Look!

Since you can wear women’s joggers and look unassuming and casual, these pants offer you plenty of leeways to experiment with textures, patterns, and several unique designs on your upper half. 

If you wear a white tee or Black Red Dry Run Tanktop, you can layer a denim jacket or cardigan over it. Similarly, you can have fun and experiment with styling a colourful chunky sweater to make an eye-catching contrast with your joggers’ relaxed appearance. Play around with different textures, colours, and layering that complement your overall look. 


A note on Wearing Socks With Joggers!

Though joggers can be worn in both summers and winters and their material is designed accordingly. Summers say a big no to wearing socks, while winters call it a must-have accessory for keeping our feet warm and cosy. 

You might not think about not wearing socks with jogger pants or wearing them, but stylists say that wearing high socks with jogger pants can look extremely awkward. So, it’s better not to wear long socks with joggers, and choose shorter ones instead.  

For instance, you can wear shorter or lower socks with sneakers. You can wear a pair of laid-back ankle boots to hide your socks completely. 


You would be feeling winter ready after learning all those women’s joggers styling ideas, right? These joggers’ outfits are the easiest ones and can elevate your look instantly with minimal effort.

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