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How to Put Together a Trundle Bed?

by deborahjlinares
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When you’re in the market for a new bed, a trundle bed is one of the top options to consider. This type of bed comes with a smaller frame, called the trundle, that can be pulled out from underneath your larger bed frame when you need it and tucked away when you don’t. Although these beds can come in any size or shape, most people buy them for guest beds because they are easier to hide and store away when not in use.

Preparing the Area

The first thing you need to do is clear out the space where the bed will be. You’ll need enough room for your trundle bed and room for anyone who wants to sit or stand while putting it together. You’ll also want space on either side of the bed if you plan to store anything under it.

Depending on what kind of trundle bed you have and how many pieces are in it, there may already be some pre-assembled parts that can be moved directly into place. For example, some beds have a base and mattress already attached, while others come with just the frame and slats. If you are interested in getting more information about the trundle beds, visit here

Assembling the Frame

The first step is assembling the frame of the bed. It’s easy: attach two rails in the center of the footboard and headboard with screws, then attach end rails at each end. Next, line up slats or boards on top of the frame and secure them with the L bracket for every other slat or board. That’s it!

Adding the Mattress

Once you have everything in place, you can add the mattress. You want to ensure that the bed is at least as long as the mattress and is centered on the frame. Start by laying the bed flat on top of the frame with one side sticking out over the edge and pull up until it sits upright.

The headboard will probably be off-centered, but if you can slide it over without moving anything else, go ahead and do so. If not, don’t worry about it because we’ll fix it in a minute. Next, start rolling up one side of the bed so you can tuck in the opposite edge of the mattress.

Adding the Linens

Start by lining up the bed frame on the floor before you, with the headboard facing you. Now lay down one piece of linen flat on top of the bed. If it’s an extra-long sheet, fold it at each end, so it is as wide as your bed’s length.

Fold it again in half so that you have two equal sections. Place one section across the head of the bed and tuck it under on both sides. Next, place another section along the foot of your bed and tuck it under. Continue folding and tucking until all four corners are tucked neatly into place.

Making the Bed

  • Ensure you have the right-sized trundle bed. 
  • Unfold the trundle bed and position it on the floor or where you want it to sit. 
  • Place your mattress on top of the frame of the trundle bed. 
  • Place any sheets and blankets over the mattress. 
  • Take your duvet cover over your duvet and pillows. 
  • Cover up any exposed areas with your duvet so that everything is tucked nicely! Seventh, enjoy!

Adding the Dust Ruffle

Start by measuring the length of the bed and cutting your dust ruffle to that length. For example, if the bed is 80 inches long, cut the dust ruffle to 80 inches. Next, put one side of the dust ruffle over the mattress and tuck in under each end as best you can. Then, measure and cut two pieces of fabric for each end of the bed (these will be vertical). Pin or clip them together with the right sides facing out and then sew around 3 sides, leaving one open. Turn them inside out, so they are wrong-side-out, and iron them flat.

Adding the Throw Pillows

  • First, lay out the pillow and throw the blanket on the floor where you intend to set up your trundle bed. 
  • Next, lay the mattress flat on the throw blanket and place one side over the pillow so it is lying flat against the floor. 
  • Place one end of the trundle frame on top of that side of the mattress and then use four corner brackets (two per side) to attach it. 
  • Now, please do the same for the other side of the mattress by placing its opposite edge under the other part of the trundle frame and attaching it with two more corner brackets. 
  • Make sure all screws are tightly fastened before adding a fitted sheet!

Adding the Final Touches

Once the boards are in place, secure them with screws or nails. Place the plywood on top of the frame and secure it. You can either screw or nail it in place. The final step is attaching the headboard and footboard with either screws, glue, or nails. You now have your bed!

Enjoying Your New Bed!

If you’re looking for an easy bed, try the trundle bed! These beds are great because they can be pulled out when you want them and pushed in when you don’t. Plus, they are super easy to set up because they come with all the necessary tools. 

Final Words

Putting together a trundle bed is easy with just a few tools and some time. The first step is to determine the bed size by measuring the space available in your room. You will want to make sure there is at least 3 feet of clearance on both sides and 6 inches between the end of your bed and any objects in your room. Once you have determined the appropriate size, it’s time to assemble! I recommend making one side at a time so that you can see how much space you need for each step and move things around as necessary. Start with putting together one side, then slide it under your mattress or box spring and attach the other side using screws, using an electric screwdriver if possible.

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