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How to make your bed properly?

Bed Sheets

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They are making their bed every morning should be a reflex for anyone who wants to have a presentable bedroom. A busy schedule or simply being very tired are often excuses to escape this daily task. However, it is easy to make your bed well with a little method. Here are the steps to complete this task.

Make your bed well: how do you put the sheets?


  • 1 Make your bed well: how do you put the sheets?
    • Place your fitted sheet correctly to make your bed properly
    • Place your sheet by folding it square
  • How to place a duvet?
  • How to place pillows to sleep well
  • Why is it so essential to make your bed well?

Whether in the morning or after laundry, you need to clear your bed of clutter before you think about putting it away properly. Whether it’s pillows, a duvet cover or a blanket, you must get everything out of bed. If you don’t want to change the sheets, you can leave the fitted sheet.

Place your fitted sheet well to make your bed well.

If you are changing the sheets in your bedroom, put on the bed sheet first. This is the sheet provided with elastic ends. Hook these ends to the corners of your mattress. To make the bed properly, check that the appearance of the mattress is very smooth and do not hesitate to pull on the corners of the sheet or lift the mattress a little to wedge the excess fabric under it. Sleeping on a mattress full of creases is complicated, so make sure the sheet lies flat to make the bed right.

Place your sheet by folding it square.

Then place the sheet over the fitted sheet. To situate yourself, know that the part with the widest hem should be placed at the level of the head of your bed. Also, make sure the hem follows the line of the mattress. If you have chosen a sheet with patterns, you must put them upside down, and the decorated part must be underneath. This way, it will stand out better when you fold the sheet. Make sure the sheet is balanced on the bed. Then, you will have to fold the angles of your sheet to the square. That is to say that you will have to fold your sheet at a right angle under your mattress. The process of making your bed right is the hardest part. But thanks to it, your bed will be neat and bring a plus to your bedroom.

To fold your sheet square:

  1. Start by tucking the ends under the mattress.
  2. Fold them at right angles under the mattress.
  3. Please don’t give in to the urge to stuff the sides of your sheet haphazardly under your mattress. Take the time to fold them nicely.

On each side of your bed, take the sheet 30 cm from the floor and fold it up. Then put it under the mattress, trying to form a 45-degree angle to the mattress. Hold this section and fold what is left of the sheet under the mattress. Try to render as neatly as you can. For the top of the sheet toward the headboard, fold over the fitted sheet (the trim side if it’s a fitted sheet). If you want your sheets to be tight, insert the part hanging on each side between the mattress and the box spring. Your sheets will then become a cocoon that will keep you warm and allow you to sleep well.

How to place a duvet?

To make your bed well, the duvet and the cover that envelops it are essential. Put your duvet or blanket over your sheet. On winter evenings, your duvet, your comforter or your blanket will bring into your room a surplus of heat that you will need.

To give more aesthetics to the set, ensure that the duvet cover is evenly distributed on the bed. The bed’s right and left must be the same fabric length. The duvet must stop no more than 15 cm from the ground.

Fold the duvet as you did with your sheet before. Cover the duvet with the folded sheet, and you should keep sight of the patterns on your grey bed sheets. If your comforter is a little thick, you can fold it with the sheet instead of folding it under it.

Thus, the hem will not become visible. You can’t try this trick if you’re using down, as down is usually very thick. Depending on your wishes, you can also fold the duvet under the mattress.

You will thus have a bed and by extension, a bedroom cared for entirely. It’s the military way to make your bed right.

How to place pillows for good sleep

Take the pillows that you have so far left aside. Tap them to restore their volume and place them at the head of your bed. Pinch them on each side and squeeze them towards the centre to fluff them up.

Pretend you’re playing the accordion. Make sure your pillowcases are ironed well. The pillows should be between the headboard and the folded sheet to fill the gap.

If you have multiple pillows, place them on top of each other after the first two. For this, you need to have a large bed. Finally, add the final details, such as decorative pillows if you have any. They will give a certain originality to your bedroom. All you have to do is place them vertically on your pillows. Thanks to all these small actions, you will get a well-made bed where you can sleep well, which will bring a plus to your bedroom.

In addition, know that this little ritual should take you at most 10 minutes to complete to make your bed correctly.

Why is it so important to make the right bed?

No matter how much care you put into tidying up your bedroom, all of that effort will be well-spent if you take the time to make the bed properly. Instead of seeing it as a chore, consider making your bed every morning a way to start your day off right.

Indeed, this little morning ritual will give you time to find your bearings and get out of the mists of sleep. A bedroom with a tidy space helps relaxation. In addition, not having to make your bed when you come home in the evening is much more practical. A messy bed is an additional source of stress for an already exhausted person. Also, note that you can receive a visit from a relative who has yet to announce himself at any time. Your well-made bedroom and bed will reflect well on you and your sense of order.

Finally, the most important point is that lying in a well-made bed allows you to sleep well. The safest thing is to change your bed linen every 7 to 10 days. This is the recommended time frame. There is no standard for changing your sheets. It all depends on your lifestyle.

If you suffer from allergies, you should ensure that your bed linen is clean.

If you shower every night, your sheets shouldn’t need regular changing. On the other hand, if you are used to sweating a lot at night, you will need to change more frequently. This will allow you to sleep well.

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