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How to get your impounded car insurance paid off?

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impounded car insurance

If your car has been impounded and taken to the police pound as you were suspected of driving it whilst uninsured you will require it before you can drive it out, but a standard policy is almost certainly impossible to purchase to buy for an impounded car. In this case, you will need specialist impounded car insurance. Call us to get a quote, and chat with one of our friendly advisors now.

Can the police impound vehicles?

Yes, the Road Traffic Law, provides a police officer in uniform the power to impound any car except an invalid carriage if there are reasonable grounds to assume that the driver is not insured. If the driver fails to stop so the car cannot be impounded the police have 1 day to do so.

Can we use one-day car insurance?

Many people looking to use a short-term which is a 1-28 days insurance policy. But they are never happy when they turn up at the police pound only to be told that it is not acceptable after they have paid off good money for it. There is, however, an ideal legitimate way of only paying for insurance for a short period of time.

Minimum length of impounded car insurance

The minimum insurance time that the authorities will accept is a 30-day policy. If your car is in police pound, these insurance policies are available and they can cover you for the third-party risks only, which is the legal minimum. A policy like this could be the answer if money is fast and you just want to get your car back so that you can sell it for some time.

Can you purchase 1 year’s insurance even if your car is impounded?

The majority of insurance brokers refuse to quote a new insurance policy for a driver whose car has been impounded, so you will still require a good policy, which can be for a minimum of 30 days, to get your vehicle released.

Once your vehicle has been released, you can insure it in the standard way but you will probably be facing a charge of driving without insurance and you should inform any prospective insurance broker of this so you may find that many insurance brokers will quote high insurance premiums. A professional insurance broker may be able to get you better prices than a price comparison website and you talk to find the right for you.

How can you reduce the cost of your impounded car insurance?

The cost of owning a car seems to be ever-enhancing and just never-ending. Running, owning, and maintaining a car is one of the largest expenses faced by most households.

Driving without impounded car insurance carries serious consequences so it is necessary that you make sure you are covered. If you are caught driving a car and you are not insured to do so, expect to receive big penalties. For starters, it will be not high, but you will receive penalty points on your driving license meaning that your future car insurance costs could be high.

Releasing your car impounded by the police is an expensive exercise. There is a storage fee to be paid for releasing the car and a daily storage fee. Before you can release your car, you will be required to make sure that you have the correct documents and evidence to show the officer at the police pound.

It is necessary that you take with you evidence of your identity showing that you are the registered owner of the car. You should also take your driver’s license with you. Maybe the most important, and probably most costly, you should show that you have taken out of an impounded car insurance policy by taking the certificate with you. The certificate of insurance shows that you have taken out a sort of insurance for impounded cars because most car insurance policies will not cover an impounded car that is in the police pound.

So with all of these costs increasing if you are caught driving without car insurance, you will agree that the risks far overshadow any sensed savings from picking not to take out a policy.

However, there are a few steps you can take to decrease the cost of impounded car insurance should you ever find yourself in a position where you require to take out insurance for impounded cars. By making adjustments to your future driving habits, it is simple to see a reduction in the price of your impounded car insurance.

Contact a specialist impounded car insurance broker

If you were taking out a normal car insurance policy, you would likely shop around to get the ideal price for your car insurance.

The same should be true for cars impounded by the police, you must make sure that you are not only getting the most suitable cover but also make sure that you are not being exploited because you need your insurance early.

Speaking to an insurance broker that experts in insurance for impounded cars are the perfect way to take out an insurance policy as they will do the shopping around crucially for you, they know exactly what you need to be covered by your insurance.

Pay your impounded car insurance yearly rather than monthly

With car insurance costs rising, finding the money to pay for your insurance policy yearly in one go is not always possible.

However, if you choose to pay your insurance premium by installments nearly all insurance brokers will charge interest. If you are not able to pay for your policy upfront it may be worth thinking about your yearly premium by card. Assuming that you can take out a card that is interest-free for 1 year you will be able to pay your insurance premium in monthly installments without the insurance provider’s added interest.

If you are looking for an impound insurance policy, contact us right now and our experienced team will guide you through getting a quick insurance quote and getting your car back from the police pound.

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