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How to get best online shopping deals from Amazon and Flipkart

get best online shopping deals

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 Introduction – Prior to the holiday season, sales for Amazon Great Indian Festival and Flipkart Big Billion Days have started. During the holiday sales, both e-commerce behemoths are providing staggering discounts. Still, these offers are only valid for a limited time and are subject to change based on consumer demand. We’ve compiled a list of essential considerations to make before embarking on a virtual shopping binge this holiday season because it’s easy to get overexcited among the blitz of incredible discounts, Online shopping cashback offers and bargains . 


According to studies, not all online bargains with steep discounts result in significant savings. According to a survey released by retail technology company Ace Turtle last year, the estimated market price of goods discounted during online deals was just 17 percent lower than the norm. The issue with purchasing non-branded goods at steep discounts is that it is impossible to verify the offer’s validity and the item’s calibre. Having said that, by following these easy steps, you may still benefit from the Online shopping cashback offers continuing holiday specials and score some great prices.


  1. Verify discounts carefully –

It frequently occurs that discounted pricing is available only to premium members or for a limited time period on products that meet specified requirements in a given category. Therefore, before making a purchase, you should carefully study the instructions pertaining to the discount.

2.Determine bank offerings accurately

Bank offers are essential when buying any goods because they can significantly lower the cost of your shopping list. Therefore, it is essential to carefully evaluate the discounts provided by banks while taking into account all of the provisions and the maximum discount granted by the offer.

3.Add your shipping information in advance for a quicker checkout –

Given that internet sales are only open for a short while, it is essential to scan through the pages carefully. For a quicker checkout of the commodities before they run out of stock, add your delivery and payment-related details before the sale starts.

4.Large discounts are unrealistic –

The main draw of these events continues to be the substantial product discounts, but frequently, online retailers provide discounts on overpriced items. This is why you should check the real pricing on official websites or non-sale websites to discover if the item is already within your spending limit or not.

5.Add good discounts to your cart right now –

However, these deals are frequently only available for a limited time, and the item may run out of stock quickly. Therefore, you should always include such deals that you feel are worth their price as soon as possible in your cart.

6.Products should be compared before buying –

Always evaluate comparable products that are offered in different price ranges. As usual, you may choose the cheapest option, but you run the risk of receiving a low-quality item. Therefore, comparing products is preferable to keep quality factors in mind rather than regret purchasing a subpar item.

7.Examine the EMI offer carefully –

Ecommerce platforms frequently deceive customers by providing free EMIs, usually at inflated pricing. Therefore, even though it may seem like you are not paying interest, you actually are. You should examine the costs on authentic websites to prevent the trickery of these shopping sales.

8.Await more information before buying –

The race is won by steadiness and pace. Because of this, it is advised to check and patiently await various bargains .as they are always changing and providing exciting surprises and offers on products every hour. 

9.Check Shipping charges –

Check the shipping charges on your orders to further reduce costs since often free shipping is only offered to premium customers and is only valid for purchases up to a certain amount for generic consumers. Additionally, shipping costs may vary based on location, the product’s size, and the potential delivery time.

10.Update product information

In general, online stores strive to entice users to buy things by using appealing photos, frequently conveying an inaccurate impression of the product.

Other ways to bag discounts on Amazon and Flipkart –

  • Using price comparison tools –

Yes, we agree that proper research is rarely a substitute and that hard effort is king. But when there are simpler options available, why spend time and effort browsing through thousands of websites in search of a decent deal? There are numerous websites that make it easy for you to find Online shopping cashback offers for a particular item online quickly. Even better, there are plugins available that you can download right into your browser and use to receive alerts when a product’s price drops after you search for it. Numerous chrome extensions can save you significant time while assisting you in finding the most outstanding price on a product.

  • Don’t buy fake products –

It will be wise for customers to conduct some research before making a purchase because the issue of fake and counterfeit goods is becoming more and more serious. It’s always a good idea to start by reading reviews of the goods and vendors. After that, always review the returns policy of the investments you’re making with your hard-earned money. But before you ultimately click the buy button, a word of advice.


Conclusion – The largest e-commerce players in India, Flipkart and Amazon, will once again be having a wave of bargains around Diwali. Their signature promotions, Amazon’s Great Indian Festival and Flipkart’s Big Billion Days, have only gotten stronger over the past couple of years and have brought with them offers that not only outperformed those provided by brick-and-mortar businesses but also broke their previously established norms. During the initial three days of pre-Dussehra shopping, e-commerce consumers who invested over $1.5 billion (Rs 11,085 crore) have understandably responded favourably to these aggressive deals. 


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