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How to Fix QuickBooks Error 1618?

by alexnelson12
Learn how to resolve QuickBooks Error Code 1618

QuickBooks undoubtedly works for smaller and bigger businesses. But, sometimes, errors like QuickBooks Error 1618 spoil the user experience. When this error comes to the screen, every other application stops working. These faults make the user need clarification. The reason is the cause is the software itself.

Only some people are familiar with computers that much. Especially old aged people, facing this error. So, they spend a lot of money without thinking much.

If you are going through the same situation. Then, you are in the right place. In this blog, we will discuss the methods of fixing this error.


What is QuickBooks Error 1618?

QuickBooks error 1618 is a standard error that appears on the computer screen. It takes place while installing QuickBooks in your operating system. Another reason which triggers this error is running multiple windows installer instances. 

QuickBooks error 1618 Image 480x164

You must remember that Windows installer is the pre-requirement of installing the program. So, installing, updating, reinstalling, and repairing is essential for the program.


Causes and Symptoms of QuickBooks Error 1618

To fix this error, you need to locate the causes. The causes behind the occurrence of this error are:

  • The installation of QuickBooks is incomplete or corrupted.
  • Viruses or malware have affected the software.
  • The Windows registry is corrupted.
  • The necessary files of the software are removed.
  • Installation of Microsoft Runtime Libraries is failed.

The Symptoms You Face While QuickBooks Error 1618 Are:

  • An error code appears on the screen with an error message. The error 1618 says, “There’s already a new installation going on. You must finish that installation before continuing with this one..”
  • The windows system starts running unhurriedly.
  • The computer programs fezzes when the error appears.
  • The installation process of QuickBooks stops.


Methods to Fix QuickBooks Error 1618:

Until now, you know about this error’s causes and symptoms. And in this segment, you will learn about methods to fix this error.

Method 1: Update the Windows Installer to its Latest Version.

  • At first, you have to log in as a System admin.
  • Then, the next step is to check if the Windows Installer is updated.
  • Go to My Computer and click on Local Disc (C:).
  • After that, locate the folder named Windows.
  • Then, go to System32 and press in the exe file.
  • Choose the properties and version.
  • Then, you will see a window showing the details about the Window’s installer version.
  • You must check if updates are available. If yes, then proceed with updating the software.
  • The last step is to reboot your system. And check if QuickBooks error 1618 is still maintaining its presence.


Method 2: Take the Help of QuickBooks to Install the Diagnostic Tool.

  • Close QuickBooks desktop as well as other running applications.
  • The next step is, you need to download the QuickBooks tool hub file.

Tools Hub icon Screenhsot

  • Place the downloaded file in a reachable location.
  • Then go to the folder and install the QuickBooksToolHub.exe file.
  • Make sure to accept the conditions.
  • After completing the installation, go to Desktop and click on the application.
  • Then, open the tool hub and tap on Installation issues

QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool in QuickBooks Tool Hub Screenshot

  • And then, hit on QuickBooks diagnostic tool.
  • Please wait for a few minutes until it troubleshoots the error.


Method 3: Create a Window Registry Backup.

  • First, click on Windows + R simultaneously to launch the run command.
  • In the run command window, write Regedit and select Ok.

Type regedit on Run box Screenshot

  • The next move is to go to My Computer, select the File menu, and export.
  • Choose all the options.

Create a backup for the Windows registry Screenshot

  • Then, you need to save Created registry backup on your system. Delete the keys.
  • Keep in mind that deleting the keys will also delete the subkeys.


Method 4: Stop The Background MSIEXEC.EXE Files.

  • Press the Ctrl+Alt+Delete keys to open the Task manager window.
  • Click on the Processes tab.
  • Locate the file MSIEXEC.EXC. By right-clicking, tap on End process.
  • Then close the Task manager window. Finally, try installing QuickBooks to check if  QuickBooks error 1618 is gone.



Sometimes the issue becomes stubborn and leaves slowly. But you will not face such a situation as we have tried to present every possible method to end this error.

If you encounter any further problems, don’t hesitate to contact us at +1-800-615-2347. We have trained and experienced the QuickBooks error support team in our team to help you with QuickBooks error 1618. 


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