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How to find out the best international school in Malaysia for secondary students?

by Aslam Ali

Schools today have a large playground, infrastructure, labs, and digital technologies beyond comprehension. But are they the only benchmarks that help the kids further their skills? In this post, we have streamlined the pointers to help you select the best international school in Malaysia for secondary-level students.


How to find out the best international school in Malaysia for secondary students?


The best international school in Malaysia follows the CBSE curriculum and is accredited by the education department. The schools have high pedagogy and modern curricula to match the global standards. Here are some ways you can find the best school.


  1. Research about the school before enrolling your kid


Do some research about the schools in the city before enrolling your child; since your child is grown up, he might have some set beliefs and values, and see whether it syncs well with the school where you wish to enroll them.



  1. Visit the website


The secondary school in KL can be gauged with the help of their website. You can have an overview of the school’s mission, vision, curriculum, safety, facilities, and practices and see whether it syncs with your requirements or not.


  1. Visit the school physically


If the website is convincing, the next step is to visit the school. Ask the counselor about the culture of the school and the values and approach that it follows. Keep a vigilant eye when you are visiting the school campus. The sprawling school campus might be tempting for taking admission, but there are other factors to look at, like 


  •   Are the students happy, or are they grumbling, 
  •   Can you see a smile on the face of the teachers? 
  •   How do the teachers converse with the students?


It will help you to select the best secondary school in KL.


  1. Ask about the student-teacher ratio


A good secondary school in KL has fewer student-to-teacher ratios for individualized and personal learning. It will help the kids unleash their abilities and showcase them to the teachers without inhibitions. 


  1. Questions that you can ask before selecting a secondary school in KL


  •   Do you offer bridge programs?

The best international schools in Malaysia provide bridge programs that help the secondary students to join in the middle of the session. 


  •   Do you have access to modern technology?

The technology and access to modern tools in the classroom will help you understand how they use technology. Check whether


  • The teachers use interactive whiteboards and projections in the classroom
  • What kind of device do the students use in the school?
  • Do students bring their laptops or tablets?
  • Does the school have Wi-Fi?
  • Is the school following some digital strategy to help the children succeed in the future?
  1. Find out the strengths and weaknesses of the child before making the school selection


Though all these factors are important when selecting an international school, one thing that triumph over others is your child’s developing needs. The one-size-fits method does not work.Consider your child’s strengths and weaknesses before selecting the school. For example, some students excel at academics and others at athletics or arts, and the list continues. So, find out the school that matches your child’s learning style and academic ability.


  1. What other considerations should you look for in the best international school?


The other considerations that you should peep into are


– The special abilities that your child, and do you want to pursue further, for example, arts, NCC, etc.

– Your family values, goals, and sensitivity towards the issues.

– Your budget for their education.

– How far can you travel each day?

– What kind of curriculum are you looking at, orthodox basic or modern curricula with innovative pedagogy?

– What are the must-haves that you are searching for in a secondary school: small class size, special athletic activities, all-girls school, an all-boys school, the importance they pay to extracurricular activities, etc.

– Do you want to enroll them in a small or a large school?

– Is the school internationally focused and provides a global curriculum?

– What is the school approach to discipline, fees, etc.


Thinking about these points will help you to make a wise decision.


Bottom Line


Over the last few decades, education has evolved and become more digitized. New technologies are disrupting and bringing in a complete transformation. So, before selecting a school for the secondary level students, check the teachers’ proficiency by interacting with them. 

If you too are finding a secondary school for your child, the Global International school in KL is the best bet. This is because it helps your kids thrive and learn better. The school offers a modern curriculum that meets the modern-day needs of the students. Visit our website or school campus to understand better.

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