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How to Export Emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird?

Batch Export Emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird on macOS with Attachments

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Do you want to export emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird on Mac? Looking for an appropriate solution to access OLM emails in Thunderbird account? Not to worry, just keep reading the blog post and at the end of it, you will definitely be able to export emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird on Mac operating system.

Email Clients have become an important part of individuals and organizations. They help users to read, organize, manage sending/receiving of emails, and more. By making use of an email application, users can connect easily with each other and share important files right away from one location to another without being physically available. And, each email program is designed as per the specifications of an operating system. In other words, Windows and Mac basically provide different email applications and each of them has been built up according to users’ specific needs and requirements. Some are compatible with both operating systems and some will rarely support them.

Why to Export Emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird?

Each email client supports a file format that will keep the important account data files of users. And, each file format will open only on their respective platforms. This will make situations complicated for those who are migrating from one email application to another.

However, Outlook Mac and Thunderbird are popular email applications of Mac OS. They both are known for managing the personal information of users on a daily basis. Many individuals and organizations are using them to communicate with their clients that they are connected with globally. Outlook Mac creates OLM files to store the mailbox items of users such as emails, contacts, calendars, notes, and tasks. And, Mozilla Thunderbird makes use of MBOX format to save users’ entire list of emails and attachments. Both formats are different. Thus, users need to convert OLM files to view OLM data in the Thunderbird environment.

How to Export Emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird?

MacMister OLM to MBOX for Mac is a mind-blowing conversion utility that allows users to batch export emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird with attachments at once. The application possesses a friendly interface that anyone can quickly make use of to export OLM emails and attachments to Thunderbird. However, the software will provide two options i.e. MBOX and Thunderbird. You can choose as per your requirements and accordingly export emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird.

The operational steps are complex-free and will be able to execute the desired task in minimum time with accurate results. Even, there are so many impeccable features that users can set and apply as per their own requirements and acquire the required output. Moreover, the solution provides the facility of a trial edition that users can download to test the migration of OLM to Thunderbird for free.

Working Steps to Export Emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird

Step 1. Download and open MacMister OLM to MBOX Tool on macOS.


Step 2. Start adding the required OLM files/folders by clicking Add File(s) and Add Folder buttons and click on Next.


Step 3. The files will upload with checkboxes. Quick Note. The checkbox option will help those who need to import selective OLM data to MBOX/Thunderbird. Click Next to proceed.


Step 4. Pick MBOX/Thunderbird option from Select Saving Options.


Step 5. Set sub-options appearing under MBOX/Thunderbird saving types as per your requirements and start the conversion by clicking Export.

Step 6. Now, cross-check the live conversion of OLM to Thunderbird as the ongoing process will appear on Live Conversion screen as shown-


The conversion will end with a message “Conversion Completed”. Click OK and go to the resultant file destination path to open the required converted file. However, you will see that the original content and formatting properties of OLM emails and attachments are completely accurate and precise after the conversion process.


The article provided a safe and reliable method to export emails from Outlook Mac to Thunderbird. The MacMister OLM Converter for Mac is a quick, user-friendly, and powerful Mac-based application for exporting unlimited emails and attachments from OLM to MBOX at once. The software is free from all viruses and guarantees secure migration. You can download and use the trial edition first. It will provide you the opportunity to explore the entire process by allowing you to export the first 25 emails and attachments from the OLM folder to MBOX for free.

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