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How To Download Twitter Videos Easily 

by rsneha
How To Download Twitter Videos Easily 

Twitter is often also used to share short video content. You can download video content with certain tools. There are various ways that you can use, for example through web-based downloader platforms, mobile applications, to Telegram. This article will discuss how to download Twitter videos easily, both on a cellphone and laptop. This article is suitable for young people who are fond of hunting meme videos.

Twitter video download is an online video downloader that you can use to save videos, GIFs and audio files you find on Twitter. To download a video contained in a tweet, you need to know the URL of that tweet.

Download Twitter Videos Easily 

You can use this trick anywhere on your Smartphone, PC.

1. First of all, open the video tweet in which the video is posted.

2. Now open the options of that tweet, click on the symbol of the down arrow for it as you can see in the screenshot.

3. In options, you have to click on “Copy link to tweet“.

4. Now copy that link.

5. Now go to this website : Twitter video downloader.

6. After visiting the website, paste the copied tweet link 

7. Choose the video’s quality before downloading it.

8. here and then click on “Download MP4 and download the video.”

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