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How to Clean and Disinfect Your Equipment Cab?

by christianaantiga

All the construction equipment needs safety precautions to stop spreading the disease’s prevalent agents like viruses, bacteria, and other microbes. Have you ever seen equipment getting disinfected? It is quite uncommon in the construction industry, however, a mandatory practice to adopt immediately. Some famous brands like caterpillar and Volvo keep their equipment clean and disinfected.

After the horrific pandemic period, every individual should personally be concerned about this issue. All the construction workers, including the equipment dealer, construction contractors, and laborers should be very careful about using equipment that is not disinfected. The construction equipment is used frequently on the construction site, and multiple people touch them to operate, repair, and move it. It is understood that the infecting agents may transfer from person to person, this way.

Can you now imagine how dangerous it could be if your equipment especially the cab is not disinfected? In this article, we are giving some tips to clean and disinfect the equipment cab so that you may keep the work environment healthy and free from any infectious agents.

Being a construction contractor, whenever I see heavy equipment near me, I always make sure if the cab is disinfected or not. You can also do it by following simple steps. The environment Protection Agency (EPA) has approved some products for disinfection. It is better to see the EPA’s approved disinfecting agent as these products are not harmful to the environment as well. 

The disinfecting sprays are safe to use. You can spray the product inside the cab to make it disinfected. Further, these sprays are not even harmful to the equipment parts and other tools. You can freely use the spray on the touchscreen gadgets inside the cab, on the mirrors, seat, and even on the floor.

  • Use rubber gloves

It is suggested that when you are disinfecting the cab, make sure to wear latex or synthetic rubber gloves. It will protect you from being caught by infecting agents like a virus. Sometimes the viruses spread very asymptomatically, so it is better to keep yourself safe from their attacks. Further, if you are carrying any viral agents, then the gloves and mask will protect the surface from reinfections. The sanitizer in this way is the most used product that every individual should have in their pocket.

  • Don’t forget the exterior

While cleaning and disinfecting the cab, do not forget to clean the external part as well. Make sure to clean the handles, door, floors, mats, window glass, and other parts too. Every part of the machine that is being in touch by the people should be disinfected well. Experts recommend taking personal care by using sanitizers every time using the equipment. Apart from it, the disinfection process is mandatory as the viral infectious agents may also spread through eh air particles. 

If the spray products are not available, you can simply use the detergent and soap to mix with water to the surface. It will also help achieve the required result.

  • Do not use a bleaching product

Whenever you are going to disinfect the equipment cab, make sure to use authentic, verified, suggested products. It is important to avoid using bleaching agents for disinfection purposes. The bleach and these kinds of products may harm the equipment parts. Although, the EPA-approved product list is available on their website you can visit them to find one. 

The spray products are supposed to make a thin layer of the product when it gets dried. It is not necessary to wipe this layer out as it is not harmful. If sprays are not available, you can also take a product on the microfiber clothes and wipe the parts of the equipment from it. It will give you the same result.

How frequently should we disinfect the machine cab?

This is the most important question you must be confused about. When we say that disinfection is mandatory for the equipment cab, we mean to stop spreading the disease-causing agents. Now the question arises that the infectious agents may spread through air particles as well, then how can we keep the machine clean every time, and disinfecting after every use can take a very long time. I, personally recommend cleaning and disinfecting the heavy equipment near me every alternative day. However, it is advisable for the setup where people use personal care more seriously and use sanitisers and other stuff. If they are not taking these precautions, then the regular disinfection of the machine becomes mandatory.


The cleaning of the equipment especially the cab is as necessary as your care. The machine cab is the part that is used by different people and can be the major source of spreading infectious agents. After the terrific time of the pandemic, every individual should care about abut personal and environmental health. In this article, we have mentioned a few useful tips to disinfect the equipment can. You can read and learn about it to make your environment clean and healthy.

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