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How Homemade Foods are changing the Daily Lifestyle?

by homemadetiffinsabbotsford

Many people across the country are realizing that food created at home has clean taste & flavours and numerous health benefits. This has had an impact on the daily routine and many are preferring homemade foods over store-bought ones.

The gradual shift in the recent times from fast food (or ready to eat) to home-cooked, homemade foods has impacted the way people view food. The culture of homemade cooking is once again growing, and more people are realising how a diet rich in fresh veggies, masalas and fruits can over time garner many health benefits.

Fast food, ready to eat/cook and packaged foods saw an upsurge in the Indian Market (specially metros) over 5 years back as families became more nuclear, couples started working and the market saw a diminishing availability of house-help who cook.

This left little time for freshly prepared home food.

The gradual shift has also impacted the kitchen industry, central kitchens and more as consumers’ desire for quality food without sacrificing taste is driving demand as many consumers have started developing a taste for homemade convenience food.

Fast food is gradually becoming less popular and many QSR and fast-food chains are adapting to offer healthier options on their menu and replacing unhealthy ingredients with healthier ones to provide more nutritional value to its consumers.

Though most consumers still rely on on-demand and quick home deliveries to satisfy cravings or immediacy needs, a proportion of the population in the metros have shifted their choices to healthier options available. Many who are staying far from home and working in a new city have to rely on outside food because they have no time to cook due to their hectic work schedules.

With exposure to media, frequent travel and availability of both local and global produce, ingredients and spices at our fingertips, home cooking has evolved as a concept of think globally, cook locally.

Homemade food is much more than just a trend and it promises better health by allowing people to create meal combinations that are unique to themselves. Even in our ancient ayurvedic roots of doshas (balance of earth, air, water, fire and space) the balance is often achieved using a combination of foods that are good for each individual.

The Covid-19 pandemic has seen a rise of home cooks with many people preferring to order home-cooked meals rather than from a restaurant.

Home cooks personalise your meal, take care of allergic ingredients, procure fresh produce and cook in their own hygienic home kitchens only on order so you can ensure the meals are fresh. This facilitates a healthier meal option for the consumer.

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