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How does Store Locator Improve Customers’ Shopping Experience?

by carmellablick
Store Location

People still prefer to use a website to find store locations and information instead of using Google Maps or other business directories.

A locator for physical store is a function that can be added to your website, mobile application or social media channel. The reason to use a store locator is to help customers to find stores nearest to their current location.

The advantages of having a locator for physical store are wide. However the significant one is that a store locator not just helps to convert online guests user into offline clients, likewise improves their shopping experience. Furthermore, it improves brand awareness and local search rankings.

Store locator not only directs a customer to your brick-and-mortar store but also informs them about other opening hours, holiday hours, addresses and contact information.

Store locator also brings online visitor that increases website traffic. How?

If a customer wishes to know the location then they must visit your website to access the store locator. This user action will technically leads to an increase in site traffic. Improved local search engine ranking is an additional benefit you will get over your competitors. It also increases your chances of ranking higher for both direct’ searches and ‘discovery’ searches.

Store Locator for Magento 2 eCommerce Web Store

To give you a very comprehensive view and understanding of customers’ insights, many store locator extensions for Magento 2 web stores are introduced. Magento 2 store locator improves the overall web and mobile app customer experience.

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