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How Can I Increase the Lifespan of My Roof?

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by Carolyn Lynch

Your roof can be one of your greatest allies in protecting your home and family from the elements, but like any piece of equipment, it has a limited lifespan. Depending on the materials used to build your roof, how well it was installed, when it was last replaced and how well it’s been maintained—the life expectancy for your roof could range from ten years to more than fifty.

Roofing is a big investment, and it can be frustrating when you must replace it before its time. The good news is that there are several things you can do to extend the life of your roof, from basic maintenance to more advanced repair. Here are some tips for getting more years out of your existing roof—and push out the cost of a new one.

  1. Make Sure Gutters are Clean and Clear of Debris. Over time, leaves, and other debris can clog gutters and cause water runoff to pool at their bases instead of draining off the roof — leading to water damage over time if left unchecked.
  2. Inspect Your Roof Annually for Any Damage or Leaks. While a roof is typically designed to last 20 years, it can last longer if it’s properly maintained. The best way to keep tabs on your roof is by having it inspected annually. Roof damage can be caused by things such as fallen trees or even high winds during thunderstorms so it’s important to pay attention when it comes to identifying problems early on before they become too severe or expensive to repair later on down the road! A certified contractor will be able to tell you if any repairs need to be made and help you make the right choices for your home.
  3. Clean It Regularly. The most common cause of leaks is failing to remove leaves, pine needles, and other debris from your roof. When this stuff accumulates and gets wet, it can rot the underlayment and create holes that let water into your Attic. Make a habit of cleaning off your roof at least once a year, preferably in the fall, so you can see where any problems are while they’re still easy to fix.
  4. Trim Your Trees. Your shrubs and trees are a part of your home’s landscape, but they can also be damaging if left untrimmed. Keep them from getting too close to the roof’s edge by annual trimming and pruning, so they don’t damage the shingles.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a well-maintained roof. No matter what type of roofing system you have, paying a little extra attention to protecting it can extend its lifespan and save you money in the long run.

Signs That You Need to Replace Your Roof

Your roof is an important part of your home, so it’s important to know when it needs to be replaced or repaired. The last thing you want is for someone to get injured on your property because of a faulty roofing system. If you’re having trouble identifying when it’s time to replace a roof, here are some signs that you should call a professional:

  1. It’s older than 10-15 years old.
  2. There are shingles missing or damaged beyond repair.
  3. There is visible discoloration or curling of the shingles.
  4. The underlayment has been compromised by leaks and water damage over time.
  5. You’ve had multiple repairs in a short period of time
  6. It has been damaged from storms or other natural disasters
  7. Sagging sheetrock or sagging floors & ceilings

Notice Any of These Signs? If So, It’s Time to Call Our Pros.

If you’re experiencing one or more of the signs mentioned above, then it’s time to call our roofing professionals. We can help you extend the life of your roof with our maintenance services, or even replace it if it’s no longer safe. No matter what type of roof issue you’re experiencing, we can help with our professional roof inspection services. Give us a call at 985-200-4463 and schedule a FREE consultation today. We service areas in Mandeville, Folsom, Covington, Slidell, Madisonville, and Abita Springs, LA.

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