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Home Inspection Benefits: What You Need to Know Before Purchasing a House

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As you hunt for the perfect home, one of the most important steps to take before closing the deal is to have it inspected by a licensed, certified home inspector. Home inspection can be costly, especially if you’re buying an older house, but it’s well worth the money in terms of both saving you money and potentially alerting you to structural or safety issues that could cost you much more in the long run. Here are just some of the benefits of this essential step in your home-buying process.

Why Do I Need to Take the Time for A Home Inspection?

A home inspection is not an alternative to doing your due diligence before purchasing a home, but rather it is the due diligence process. A home inspection offers many benefits that can help you avoid costly future repairs and maximize resale value. One such benefit is the wind mitigation associated with new construction; homeowners may be able to use the inspection as proof of wind damage and request funds from their insurance company for the damages. 

Additionally, home inspections provide peace of mind in knowing what needs to be fixed now or later. Inspections also provide insight into any health risks from lead paint or radon gas which are present in older homes. Lastly, home inspections help determine whether structural defects exist. When possible, these should be corrected by qualified professionals before buying a house because they can cause serious problems down the line.

Do I Need an Inspector When I Buy from My Realtor?

If you’re buying from your realtor, you should always have an inspector. Not all properties are inspected by the seller’s agent, and some properties may have things like wind mitigation done, which can save you time and money in the long run. Plus, sellers will be more likely to fix any issues that might crop up if they know that there is someone else with another interested party looking at the property.  An inspection also ensures that buyers don’t have to worry about being surprised with expensive problems later on. A home inspection near me doesn’t cost very much, so it’s worth it for peace of mind!

Home inspections usually take two hours or less and includes roofing, heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical wiring, insulation levels (R-value), foundation, siding materials and condition. These home inspections near me can show whether the home has been properly maintained or not and give detailed descriptions of anything major found during the inspection. Be sure to ask the inspector what he or she found and get their opinion on the costs of repairing any identified problems.

A Full List of What Inspectors Typically Inspect Is Available Here.

 Once you’ve found your perfect home, contact your local real estate agent for an inspection. If you feel that it needs repairs, he or she can offer suggestions on what’s needed and who can do it best. Remember that sellers are aware of these inspections and they may price their homes accordingly!

How Much Does It Cost to Have an Inspector Come Out?

The cost of an inspection will vary depending on where you live, the size of the house, how many potential issues are found, and if any repairs are needed. Inspections typically range from $150-350 per home. These inspections cover almost every aspect of your home, including the roof, plumbing, electrical work and heating/cooling systems. They also include a wind mitigation report that covers hurricane risks for your specific area and some flood risks for coastal areas. If anything needs to be repaired or replaced, you’ll be able to request estimates before you sign off on anything. 

What Should I Expect from My Home Inspector?

You should expect the home inspector to walk around your property, taking note of any damages or infestations, and making notes about things that need repairs. They will be looking for signs of water damage, pest problems, mold in the attic or walls. They will also check for signs of dangerous animals, like snakes in the backyard.

As they inspect your property and make notes of potential problems on their checklist, they will ask you if you see anything that needs attention.  If there is something obvious and urgent, you can point it out right away. Your home inspector is usually very good at identifying these types of issues. If there are small items, you may want to contact a professional so they can get them fixed before buying the house.

Typically, they’ll recommend doing small repairs or maintenance projects on your home before you buy it. This can help you get a better price when you negotiate, and prevent bigger problems down the road. For example, there may be cracks in your foundation that are just starting to show. Your home inspector will note these on their checklist, and recommend getting them fixed before closing on your property.

Who Can Perform a Home Inspection on My Behalf?

Many people think of home inspections as just an extra cost. But when you consider the impact that an inspection can have on your finances. This may be one of the most important decisions you’ll make when looking for a new home. It is important to know what options are available for home inspections near me. What home inspectors do and how they can help answer all your questions before signing off on the perfect property. 


The majority of homebuyers choose to get a buyer inspection before signing their contract. Home inspections can take up to two hours depending on the size and age of the home, so it’s best to schedule them ahead of time. A good home inspector will examine every part of your future home with an eye for safety and structural integrity. They will look at everything from ceilings and floors to plumbing systems, electrical wiring, heating systems, roofs – even light fixtures!

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