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Health workers to push baby formula

Health workers

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Health workers to push baby formula

Health workers to push baby formula

A UN report has cautioned that widespread. Deceptive and aggressive promotion of powdery baby. Milk is harming child health in middle- and lower-income nations.

According to a WHO and UNICEF report released earlier this week, breastfeeding instead of using powdered baby milk, or “formula milk,” might avert an estimated 800,000 infant deaths and 20,000 ovarian cancer cases among mothers annually (Tuesday).

The Swiss food manufacturer Nestle, that has been target of a boycott by consumers for decades due to the issue, still sells baby formula for children less than six months, but it will stop doing so at th end of 2018. The organization’s president of food and industrial affairs, Marie Chantal Messier,

Health workers to push baby formula

The World Health Assembly adopted the International Convention of Market research of Breastmilk Substitutes in 1981 to shield parents from pushy marketing techniques.

Profits before babies

In 1981, the World Health Assembly approved the Un Convention of Management of Breastmilk Substitutes to safeguard parents against pushy advertising techniques.

For breast-milk substitutes, women were significantly. More likely to select formula feeding. The majority of the women did, however, show a great desire to breastfeed exclusively, with up to 98 percent of them doing so in Bangladesh.


According to this report. Marketing messages about breast milk and breast milk.  claims. Following the birth that breastfeeding was insufficient. For an infant’s dietary and that formula. Kept babies satisfied for longer.

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