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Get the Best Cox Business Internet Packages

by Nickmic
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Give your company a competitive edge. Every business needs quick and dependable Internet access in today’s connected world. It is incredibly inconvenient when the network is sluggish while you’re in the middle of a video conference call or sending a file to a client. Getting the bandwidth and speed, you require is essential for business success because time is money. On busy days and when a more significant number of employees are accessing the Internet at once, you need dependable Internet service. Let  Cox Business Internet Packages  take care of your company’s internet and WiFi requirements.

Fast Internet for your business

Cox offers symmetrical high-speed Internet for businesses. This implies that the download and upload speeds are equal. Large file uploads to remote servers or cloud storage become quicker. With Cox’s 500M/500M package, you can get the fastest symmetrical internet service in the region.

Packages Cost of Business Internet 

The price of Cox business internet packages may surprise you because it can vary from $45 per month to $500 per month, depending on your requirements. You could find a plan or package with speeds up to 200 Mbps in the $50 to $75 per month range for a business with fewer than 20 employees that only needs to run low-bandwidth applications like checking email or running a point-of-sale system.

A business that uses cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) or has an e-commerce component can anticipate paying about $100 per month for moderate 600 Mbps speeds. You’ll need faster Cox business internet packages, which can cost up to $500 per month, if your company transfers large amounts of data, such as video files, frequently holds voice-over IP meetings, or conducts teleconferences. Contact a sales representative of COX provider from any major ISP to create a customized bundle catered to your needs if your organization is more complex and has specific needs or has a staff of 20 or more.

Business Internet Packages 

Cox business internet package depends on factors such as:

Add-ons: We’ll raise the total amount of bandwidth you pay if you need additional software, hardware, or other services.

Internet speed: The cost increases as the speed of the internet increases.

Type of internet connection: The cost of business internet typically depends on the kind of internet connection you select.

Cost of installation: The network’s current configuration, its proximity to existing internet lines, and other related expenses will be considered when calculating the cost of business internet.

The capability: Older tablets and computers you use to access the Internet cannot operate at higher speeds.

See our business internet packages below.

COX Phone


with 12 month agreement Offer Details & Terms

  • 20+ standard calling features
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Flexible long-distance plans
  • Include 1 phone line
  • Basic calling feature 
  • upto 2 telephones
  • Alarm and elevator lines

COX Internet


with 12 month agreement Offer Details & Terms

  • Pay $10/mo in automatic payments to get paperless billing discounts and a month full of high-speed internet.
  • Up to 50 Mbps Download
  • Up to 10 Mbps Upload
  • 25 Security Suite Licenses
  • Business internet 50

COX Business Internet + Phone


with 12 month agreement Offer Details & Terms

  • Upto 50 Mbps Download
  • Up to 10 Mbps Upload
  • 25 Security Suite Licenses
  • Includes TV
  • 20+ calling features
  • Unlimited local calling
  • Flexible long-distance plans

Choose Efficiency over Price When to Look for Business Internet Packages

business internet packages

When choosing the Cox business internet packages for your company, it’s essential to look beyond price and concentrate on the essential features.

Consider service level agreements, uptime guarantees, speed, and customer support. Read customer testimonials on our website to get a sense of the ISP’s business practices.

Cox business internet packages provide dependable discounts for all of your business needs. For companies of all sizes, we offer various fiber-based internet services. Additionally, you have access to a user-friendly portal where you can keep tabs on downtime, bandwidth use, and network performance.

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