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Gaining Access to Your Security Cameras on the Go

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Gaining Access to Your Security Cameras on the Go

Introduction: The Importance of Security Cameras in Today’s World

Cognitech Cloud is a secure cloud computing platform designed to help companies protect and share their valuable data. The platform has gained popularity because of its low cost and high-performance.

We have seen an increasing demand for security cameras in the recent years as people are becoming aware of the importance of video surveillance.

Recently, another development in this ever-growing industry happens to be the release of cloud video investigation software that can analyze and extract information from videos taken by security cameras, making this software a game-changer in terms of security analytics.

Why You Need a Cloud Solution to Monitor your Devices

The end of the year is always a good time to take stock of your storage and computing needs.

If you are wondering what to do with all your hard-drive space, or you want to monitor your devices better, or you need to quickly sift through security camera footage, Cognitech has a solution for you.

MC2 is our secure cloud computing solution that is suited for any organization looking to store data on our servers and make use of its powerful monitoring features.

Overview of 3 Types of Video Monitoring Services On the Market

In many businesses, video monitoring is crucial to improve employee productivity and maintain a safe environment. Companies use this surveillance software to have 24/7 visibility of the location and activity in their offices.

Cognitech Cloud (MC2) is a secure cloud computing platform that provides video monitoring services in real-time. With this service, landlords can get the proof they need when they are investigating an issue with their tenants or when they want to monitor their property for security purposes.

Cloud Video Investigation software utilizes AI to identify what’s happening on an office camera and notifies the person who scheduled it in real-time of any live event happening while they are away from the office.

MC2 vs Webcam vs Surveillance Camera

MC2 generates revenue by providing video surveillance and analytics services. The software has potential in the Webcam market but requires some work to become successful in the home surveillance market.

MC2’s software is designed for cloud, a secure and efficient way of storing all your data. Every customer needs a Cognitech Cloud, which is an internet-connected server with an internal hard drive in order to use the service and receive analytics from MC2.

Cognitech Cloud offers video surveillance at scale that does not require any hardware, software or expertise to install it. The service can be used for both fixed and mobile devices like laptops, tablets and smartphones as long as they have internet connectivity The downside of using MC2 is that it mainly focuses on video surveillance services so there are no plans yet to..

4 Different Ways to Integrate MC2 with Other Hardware and Software Systems

MC2 is a natural fit for most of the hardware and software systems in the market. It can work with any other system without any compatibility issues.

MC2 can also be used in a variety of industries, such as healthcare, automotive, and aerospace.

MC2: 4 Different Ways to Integrate MC2 with Other Hardware and Software Systems

1) Cloud Video Investigation Software

2) Secure Cloud Computing

3) Reviewing body cameras for law enforcement agencies

4) Healthcare

How the MC2 Integrates With Your Computer and Mobile Device(s)?

Before we begin to dive into the MC2, a few terms in relation to this topic need to be introduced. One of them is Cloud Computing which is defined as using the Internet as a centralized computer network providing shared resources, software and data over Internet Protocols. This information is collected through a wide range of computing devices ranging from laptops and desktop computers to smartphone and tablets.

MC2 offers secure storage for all your important data such as pictures, songs, videos etc by keeping it safely on Dropbox or Google Drive. It also provides you with multiple features such as Computerizing (real time communication), Document Scanning (as well as search capabilities) along with cloud video investigation software which can be used for easy surveillance in your home or office premises.

MC2 integrates with your computer and mobile device…

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