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free online spelling and grammar checker.

by Nora18
Grammar checker

Grammica is a handy online spelling and grammar checker with which you can review your texts or writings. To use it you do not need any type of registration and it is available completely free of charge.

These types of tools are always useful for schoolchildren who are learning the spelling and grammar rules. They can also be practical for any of us, in most cases we write too quickly, because of productivity, and we can make spelling or grammatical errors that should be checked.

With grammica you won’t have to install any program or application to verify your texts. As it is a web tool, it works directly in a window or tab of your favorite browser.

Many word processors or editors already incorporate a spell checker, so you can leave this tool to perform a second check. In this way it is much more difficult for you to miss any of these errors that can frighten any well-written text.

How do I use the Grammica Grammar Check tool?

Grammica is a very easy to use spelling and grammar checker. Simply, you should visit their page and type or paste the text you want to check. Then click on the “Check grammar and spelling” button and wait a few seconds to see the results.

If errors are detected, they will be highlighted in different colors. You can click on them to know what the error has been and know different alternatives to correct it.

As an extra complement, this tool also integrates counters of the number of words and characters that make up the text.

At the end of the review, and if everything is correct, you can copy your text to the clipboard with a simple click. To do this, click on the “Copy text” button.

Although I have not commented on it until now, this tool can be used for the orthographic and grammatical review of texts in multiple languages, among which of course is Spanish.

Visit this spelling and grammar checker

You will only have to visit the Grammica page on those occasions when you need to check the spelling and grammar of a text with grammica grammar checker. Remember, you don’t have to sign up and you can use this tool for free and unlimited.

A few years ago I told you about a very similar tool, also useful to correct spelling and grammar in any text. This is Language Tool.

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