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Free Business Literacy Curriculum Program

by sheroesindia
Free Business Literacy Curriculum Program

Womenwill, an entrepreneurship program by Google is a free business literacy skills training program for Women that provides the basic business and communication skills women need to succeed. This program includes digital literacy, financial literacy, legal & documentation, and marketing courses, etc, and many more free courses. 

What will you earn after completing the course?



Access to Government Welfare Schemes

Access to loans

Access to livelihood opportunities

Access to lifetime community support

What does the WomenWill program aim to achieve with its unique Curriculum?

– Promote Women’s Self Worth

– Imparting new business skills

– Provide business support-

– Government schemes for women entrepreneurs

– Create a safer environment-

– Guide for creating online stores and creating reselling opportunities-

– Provide mentorship

Why should you take up the WomenWill program?

– It lets you learn new business skills from home

– It is a free of cost training and mentorship program for ambitious women entrepreneurs.

– It is entirely available online and can be accessed anytime, anywhere and completed at one’s pace.

– It aims to guide women who want to manage and promote their businesses.

– After completing the course, it can help you earn a certificate from Google and SHEROES.

– It can help one learn new business skills and online business opportunities, which can help kickstart your own business.

– It can help you get one-on-one mentorship and guidance from industry experts, coaches and professionals.

– It can help you identify new income opportunities, peer to peer networking & learning.

– It lets you know about the chances to avail a loan for your business.

– It gives access to Government Welfare Schemes.

So why wait? Claim FREE Sign up for this program now: https://shrs.me/wwoffpage


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