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For Or Against the Headboard? Our In-Depth Guide.

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Custom made upholstered

Thanks to its storage, the Custom made upholstered headboard has  the advantage of allowing you to add a functional side to its purely decorative aspect. The headboard slides simply and quickly behind your bed so as not to be too bulky. It is ideal to give an atmosphere to your room in a few minutes. Now let’s take a look at the pros and cons of this decorating style.

The advantages and disadvantages of the headboard

The single headboard is a piece of bedroom furniture that is both synonymous with decoration and comfort. Indeed, you can opt for a custom headboard to have a totally personalized bed adapted to your tastes and the style of the room.  The single headboard with storage can also save space by storing your personal belongings. However, the headboard can also have its limits and, for example, take up a lot of space in a room or not be in harmony with your decoration. That’s why you have to think before buying one and weigh the pros and cons.

The wooden headboard, a solution to personalize your bedding

The solid wood headboard can turn out to be a center piece in your bedroom. This gives a personal and pleasant aspect to your room and this is reinforced by the solid and soft material that is wood. It varies in size, design or manufacture and gives a completely different atmosphere to your room. Indeed, the natural wood headboard, the mountain style wooden headboard and the old wood headboard will tend to give a rustic and warm touch to your bedroom. On the other hand, the fabric wood headboard, the high-end wood headboard or the lacquered wood headboard give a more modern and contemporary look to your interior. Finally, the wooden headboard with storage combines both aesthetics and practicality to meet all your expectations.

The headboard with nightstand

The wooden Custom made upholstered  headboard with integrated bedside table is a way to sit and lean back on the headboard comfortably while reading a book, for example. There are also alternatives to the classic bedside table. For example, you will find the custom headboards with suspended bedside table and the headboard with drawer bedside table. These two elements will give more character and modernity to your bed.

The double headboard, a way to give style to your room

As we have seen, the headboard brings an additional decorative touch to your bedroom. It gives you the opportunity to customize it further. The padded headboard with bedside table, the quilted headboard or the curtain headboard are part  of the romantic headboard range. They offer you  a refined elegance on a daily basis. The Scandinavian headboard or the industrial style headboard are more synonymous with current trends. To finish, king size headboards and king size bed frame upholstered & headboards with storage meet dimensional criteria to suit your bed width.

The headboard with storage, additional space saving

The 2-seater headboard with storage or the headboard with storage is a way to combine business with pleasure. It gives you the benefit of an element that is both decorative and practical . Y ou can indeed use it to make your daily storage easier. The headboard with storage and light can also be there to add additional options.

The contemporary headboard, an aesthetic solution

We often tend to opt for the color black or white. However, to give your room more character, you can opt for models such as the pallet headboard, the anthracite gray headboard or the yellow headboard. They  will immediately give a touch of originality to your bed.

The modern headboard, a guarantee of innovation

The Custom made upholstered headboard is also now modern. You can find models like the headboard that lights up, the headboard that attaches to the box spring or the dressing headboard king upholstered. Thus, you benefit from a decoration at the forefront of innovation and the latest technologies.

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