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Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hollywood Smile

by Dynamic Clinic
Visual representation of Hollywood Smile

A smile is a basic expression on a face that not only make you look happy and adorable but also enhance your confidence when people compliment them on your beautiful smile. But what about those who have, pale colored, infected, cracked, missing teeth and as well the teeth are unaligned? They feel low confidence when they walk into their favorite parties and communities. They use to go through multiple different procedures in order to attain a specific look they desired such as the look of their favorite Hollywood personality. In this post you will get to know Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hollywood Smile.

What is a Hollywood Smile?

In actuality, the term Hollywood Smile is a terminology of Cosmetic dentistry that aims to give a perfect, desired, and dreamed shape, size, and color of teeth for example same as celebrity teeth. There are a number of treatments that lie under the umbrella of Hollywood Smile Dubai that make this procedure attractive and successful. The name given to this procedure is on the basis of community demand in having the same smile look as their favorite celebrity.

Who Is An Ideal Candidate?

As this procedure is a cosmetic need and a dream look, it can be done by everyone. But the most eligible candidate who should get this treatment are:

  • People who have some tooth missing and want to fill their space
  • Have severe discoloration of teeth and gums
  • The teeth of the client are unaligned as well as deformed in structure and shape
  • The Enamel of the tooth is completely destroyed
  • Are aged above the age of 18 at least
  • Have enough density of bone for the purpose of implantation
  • Are well aware of the risk and consequences related to this procedure
  • Want a lifelong permanent change to their teeth
  • Have realistic expectations from the treatment.
  • Those who want to enhance the appearance of their smile.

What to Expect During the Procedure?

It is a long-duration procedure that involves a number of steps to be followed. It is not compulsory for every person to make out every step but all the needed steps are to be done in a respectful manner so that it gets not affected by others. The majority of people at dental clinics are unable to get a Hollywood smile in only one appointment. Actually, dental practitioners don’t always follow the same procedure on every patient. So, rather than taking a single approach, the Hollywood grin operation is customized for each patient separately. You could undergo a variety of procedures to acquire a Hollywood grin. The most frequent practices used in dentistry offices are listed below:

●    Teeth Polishing

The procedure involves the polishing of teeth that removes all the dirt, salt, and impurities from the teeth and make it cleans out all cavities from inside and from outside as well. This is somehow mostly done procedure as every client’s teeth have impurities, cavities, and salt formation on their teeth due to which it is a must done procedure.

●    Teeth Whitening

This step involves the color correction of the teeth those people who have yellow or pale colored teeth have to do this procedure to make their teeth white and bright in order to get a better Smile Makeover.

●    Tooth Bonding

When there are cavities found in the teeth which are cleaned at the time of Polishing and bleaching the tooth becomes hollow from the inside which helps the food stuck in there and sometimes causes pain. For treatment that a cementing material is filled inside the cleaned tooth which is made of the same color as the tooth. After the filling is dry and fixed then scaling is performed to make it of the exact same shape and size as required by the tooth below or over it.

●    Tooth Implant

To fill out the space of a missing tooth which falls down or is removed due to infection a new tooth is placed which is exactly the same color and size as the previous one. Along with implants bridges are also used for filling the gap between two healthy teeth.

●    Crowns

Crowns are hard tooth-shaped material that is used to cover the tooth which is filled with cementing material to give a strong hold so that it remains there for a long duration of time without getting broken on chewing. Also used to avoid cracking dental fillings.

●    Veneers

At last, when all the imperfections are corrected manually the teeth are forced to get aligned and get in shape. For that purpose, Dental Veneers in Dubai are used which are teeth-structured molds that make your teeth aligned and get in shape.


The results that come out of this treatment are no doubt so great that everyone admires having this treatment done. The procedure is not as long as it seems to abut the results as extraordinary. Clients are always found satisfied with their results. Some of the basic differences in having this treatment can be seen below:

Perfect Dental and Hollywood smile representation


Care is a compulsory element that is a key aspect to last longer your results. Some must caring aspects include:

  • Clean your teeth daily by brushing your teeth twice a day and also use tooth floss and mouthwash liquids for deep cleansing.
  • Do visit your dentist in order to have a weekly or monthly checkup for safe result keeping.
  • If you feel any discomfort then immediately checkup with your dentist for spot recovery
  • Do not use your teeth to open or crack things such as almonds and nuts or bottles.
  • Try to avoid using pigmented products such as coffee and tea that make dark circles over your polished teeth.


You probably don’t know much about the extensive procedure known as Hollywood Smile, which has many advantages. Here are just a few of the many advantages of undergoing this procedure:

  • You can choose from a variety of cosmetic procedures depending on your dental health and your budget thanks to this treatment’s adaptability.
  • Since several treatments are carried out during a single process, you will save a lot of time.
  • Due to not having to pay for treatments separately, may actually result in financial savings for you. As an alternative, you pay for a single comprehensive therapy over time.
  • A compelling reason to travel abroad and improve your smile is Hollywood Smile, which makes up a significant portion of medical tourism worldwide.
  • The most crucial of all is that you can grin with assurance and no insecurities


The price is affected by a number of things. First, it depends on how many problems there is that need to be fixed. Second, the severity of these problems is also important. The doctor’s qualifications and experience are also crucial. An experienced dentist will bill more than one with less training. The clinic itself and the amenities provided there are very important factors in determining to price. When it comes to Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hollywood Smile then it is made to be clear that this procedure typically costs between AED 14,999 to AED 29,999 in Dubai.

How Long Does it Last?

The procedure is basically done while making it on a permanent basis. This procedure is permanent in nature when it is done by an expert dentist with greater care as well when the treatment is done it matters to you how you care about them. As better if you took care of them as long as they last. The procedure has a warranty of 3 to 5 years when it is done at the Best Clinic in Dubai.


At last, the bottom line can be concluded as if you have crooked, unaligned teeth and want to make your smile graceful and also want to enhance your smile and confidence then the best ever treatment provided by Cosmetic Dentistry is Hollywood Smile. That not only make your smile prominent but also help you clean up all the issues of your teeth. Its disadvantages are minimal. Everything You’ve Ever Wanted to Know About Hollywood Smile is explained in this post. In order to give you healthy information about getting this treatment done, you can also have Free Consultation at the Best Clinic in Dubai to have more information regarding this treatment.

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