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Everything To Know About Eternity Ring

by agnsons

Want to show your commitment towards your partner and do not know how to do it? Well, an eternity ring can help you in this case. Whether it is for the celebration of a long term relationship or is a wedding anniversary, an eternity ring is the best way to show your strong bond, love and affection towards your partner. Whether it is a sapphire eternity ring or a diamond eternity ring, it is the best gift that you can give to your partner.

So what is basically an eternity ring? It is a circular band. It is embedded with diamonds and gemstones. The eternity ring should be half way round or fully round featuring these precious stones. Always make sure that you buy an eternity ring from an authentic shop and it should be hallmarked and certified. AG & Sons is an authentic jewellery shop in the UK where you get different types of eternity rings such as diamond eternity rings, ruby eternity rings, black diamond eternity rings and other types of jewellery with different diamonds and gemstones.

The history of eternity ring

It is the people from ancient Egypt that came up with the idea of an eternity ring. They had a belief that the love and the strong bond between the partners could remain forever, till death. In order to represent true, eternal and unconditional love, they invented an eternity ring which was inspired by Ouroboros. Ouroboros is the symbol of a snake eating its own tail. In the mid-1950’s, a large amount of small diamonds came to the market. These diamonds were perfect and suitable to be embedded in the eternity rings. De Beers, an American jeweller ran a campaign to reinvent and popularise these eternity rings.

Difference between eternity ring and marital ring

The eternity ring, wedding ring and engagement ring, all represent love and strong bond. But there is a difference in all these rings. Both the engagement ring and the wedding ring are bound by the convention of marriage. Whereas, it is not the case with the eternity ring. If you want your commitment to your partner and want to show your intention to marry them, you propose to them with an engagement ring. In the marriage ceremony, in order to celebrate the eternal union, you give your partner the wedding ring. You give your partner the eternity ring when you want to show the eternal commitment to your partner either in the marriage or in the relationship.

The finger on which you should wear your eternity ring

Eternity rings are designed to wear with your wedding ring set or partnership ring set. So whether they are diamond eternity rings or ruby eternity rings, you need to wear them with these sets. However, it completely depends upon you on how and with which set you want to wear it. You can wear it first and then put on your wedding ring and then your engagement ring or you can do the opposite. You can also wear it on the ring finger of the opposite hand, if you wish to. If you do not have either the wedding ring or the engagement ring, you can simply wear the eternity ring on the ring finger instead of the above two rings.

The design features of eternity ring

The eternity ring is generally found in two designs or styles. The first one is the full eternity ring featuring diamonds and gemstones all the way round. The second one is the standard eternity ring, featuring diamonds and gemstones half the way round. For the diamond eternity rings, the popular cuts that are mostly preferred are the round, oval, pear, emerald, cushion, princess, marquise and asscher cut. When it comes to gemstones, such as ruby eternity rings, emerald eternity rings and so on, you can get a colourful eternity ring. You can incorporate different gemstones of different colours to make it look more colourful.

Summing Up

These are some of the facts about eternity rings. Traditionally, couples who have completed around 10 to 55 years of marital bliss are seen wearing eternity rings. But these days, couples give each other eternity rings, irrespective of how long they are or have been together. Whether you choose the best one from the diamond eternity rings or from that of the gemstones, show your commitment to your partner with the unique one.

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