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Earn Crypto Currency Using the NTrack Fitness App


by NTrack
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NTRACK is a web3 fitness and lifestyle mobile app with an inbuilt virtual NFT package and Social-fi elements where you can earn rewards in Crypto/NFTs just by movement like walking, running, and cycling. First, you buy a virtual NFT package in the form of a tracksuit, then by walking, running, and cycling you will earn in-game cryptocurrency, which can either be used for in-game activities or cashed out for profit.


Anyone can use: You don’t have to understand NFTs or Crypto to get started. Burning those calories is all you need to know, to start using NTRACK.

Build a habit of working out Building a habit is hard, especially when it comes to your health. Using real money rewards and interesting gaming/social elements, NTRACK helps you become physically active and get fit.

Earn in Crypto/NFT Earn in cryptocurrency & upgrade your NFT value every day simply by walking, running, and cycling.


Once you own the Ntrack suit NFT, you can start working out, participate in the game and earn our in-game cryptocurrency -NTRACK. Using these earnings, you can do the following in-game activities.

  • Upgrade your Tracksuit
  • Fusion Tracksuit
  • Unlock features and rewards
  • Repair your Tracksuit
  • Reset your Tracksuit to sell on the marketplace
  • Cash out the token

You can also choose to sell your tracksuit on the in-app marketplace where other players can acquire this Tracksuit to get started in the game.

NTrack Activities Tracker

To track your workout activity, we have developed our in-app tracker where the user has to manually start and end the activity. We will use GPS, motion sensor, and gyroscope to accurately track your activity data in the beta version of the app, we are going to allow only 3 activities – Walking, running, (cycling is under development). And those actions must be done outdoors for better GPS connection purposes. Post-workout, we will show you the data about:

  • Distance
  • Steps
  • Speed
  • Time
  • Earnings

How NTrack Earning System Work

Once you have acquired the SNEAKER NFT, you will get daily auto energy which will determine the maximum time available for which you can work out and earn. Energy will be given to you in multiple intervals – at 0:00 GMT. If you want more energy, you can buy more Tracksuits to have more energy.

Case study

  • If you have 1 Common Tracksuit, you have 1% every/day,
  • If you have 1 Uncommon Tracksuit, you have 1.25% every/day,
  • Invite Friend: 5% One Time Bonus
  • One Direct must open the next level
  • 20% Charge When Selling your NFT


LEVEL UPGRADE If you have 1 Uncommon (Blue Jogger) Tracksuit, you have 1.25% every/day, you can level up your Tracksuit to increase its stats. A new tracksuit will start from level 0 and can go up to level 20 Every time you complete one activity, you will earn a 1.25% To 6% leveling up tracksuit costs bonus.


Ntrack has a max supply of 1 billion NTRACK tokens with a variable burn rate in which 60,500,000 NTRACK tokens were used for Pre-sale and 55,000,000 NTRACK tokens used for liquidity. 5% of the tokens will be released to the team each cycle.


Our users have staked over 3 million dollars’ worth of tokens. Users can go to https://tostakeNTRACK tokens. Users have been rewarded 14.25 NTRACK tokens per block. Our generous interest rate varies depending on how many users are there and how much they own in the pool. With NTRACK staking, all holders will have a chance to stake their tokens, which means users can earn passive income from staking their NTRACK tokens, in addition to the rewards they get for using the app and just walking. Rewards Pool 62.5% TAX Buy – 5% Sell – 15% Total Supply 1 billion NTRACK Marketing Wallet 35.5% Liquidity Pool 2% Staking ( COMING SOON) TAX DISTRIBUTION ROADMAP TOKENOMICS Distribution From Level Upgrades GEMS Fund EVERY LEVEL UPGRADE YOU NEED GEMS 1 GEMS = $4 Users can withdraw the staked NTRACK coins anytime and there is no lock in the period but if the users opt to withdraw within 72 hours, they would have to pay a fee of one percent and after that, there is a small fee of 5% on profits only. There are both manual and auto compounding options to get the best APY out of your staking.


Rewards Pool 62.5%

Ntrack Wallet Marketing 35.5%

Liquidity Pool 2%

TAX Buy – 5% Sell – 15% Total Supply 1 billion NTRACK


NTRK coin will be added as airdrop of worth as investment and ICO goes to be launched with the same initial price which you invested on the Ntrack solution. Ntrack is used for the Soft cap & hard cap of the rhodium blockchain. Finally, you will get a bonus from the Initial coin offering.

Conclusion – NTrack is the fitness app that uses the data of your health and fitness regime to provide you with personalized, more efficient workouts. The NTrack Project app is an application that allows users to track their progress in any physical activity. It keeps a record of your workout history and informs you about it every day. It also provides suggestions for activities based on your workout history and nature.

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