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Different Types Of Mascaras

With a range of formulations, textures as well as shapes as well as sizes varieties of mascaras are changing in the makeup world.

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With a range of formulations, textures as well as shapes as well as sizes varieties of mascaras are changing in the makeup world. Everyone loves lashes with defined lashes that improve their appearance and keep them ready to conquer the world. Therefore, go through the various maskara for eyes types and pick one that matches your needs perfect. Continue reading!

Different types of Mascara

There are various types and makeups on the market, which can change the look of your eyes within a split second.

Short lashes? Try the lengthening mascara.

Thin lashes? Try an eyelash thickener.

Straight lashes? Try curling mascara.

The three? You can try a volumizing mascara.

All you have to learn is to put on mascara the correct way.

Water-soluble mascaras can be easily flaked or smudged and don’t last for long. They are easily removed by using any simple makeup remover.

Waterproof Mascaras aren’t smudged and remain for long. They’re the ideal choice for Monsoons, summers and summers. They are difficult to remove using normal removers and require specially designed makeup removers that contain oil. They are highly processed formulations that remain on eyes for a long time.

In addition to the broad category Mascaras are further subdivided into liquid, cream, and powder mascaras.

1. Powder Mascara

Powder Mascara is quite different from dry and wet mascara. It is a matter of adding the drops of water in it , and apply it using an mascara wand. The mascara is set and gives an illusion of false eyelashes. an appearance.

2. Cream Mascara

Creamy Mascara adds an extra volume to the thin and sparse eyelashes, and also adds eyelashes with more depth. However, it can be difficult to remove therefore you’ll require an applicator specifically designed to use it.

3. Liquid Mascara

These mascaras can be found easily and are the most well-known of them all. They are employed by women with slight curly lashes. They enhance and sharpen the lashes. They are available in water-resistant and water-soluble versions.

Choosing Right Mascara Applicator

Mascara Applicators are available in various shapes and sizes. Each is used for a specific function.

Straight mascara wands can be simple to use because they give more access to smaller mascara lashes as well as the inner eye lid mascara. It is also possible to use the brush at various angles to completely coat the lashes.

Curved Brush is ideal for those seeking more curls and a little lift to their lashes. The Comb-shaped mascara was created to prevent the formation of clumps and also separates the lashes.

The Comb Brush helps to separate the lashes, and provides an evenly applied application. It increases the length and volume of the lashes.

The Large Brush mascara coats the eye with more mascara and adds volumization to your eyelashes. The wand features very well spaced bristles. This is ideal for additional thickness. A large-sized mascara brush could cause clumps, and is difficult to work with sometimes, however with a bit of practice , you’ll get used to it.

Long Brush is ideal for lengthening since a brush with an even spacing won’t give as much volume as a larger brush. They can be used to separate and define the lashes.

Small Brush is ideal for smaller lashes because it won’t cause clumps on the lashes which gives them more volume.

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