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Different Dimensions of Big Data

by amitsisodia


In simple terms, big data is a large and complex data set that generate from new data sources. Certainly, these data are useful in building insights for future business plans. However, due to the massive size of the data, traditional data processing software is unable to manage it. Further, to gain in-depth knowledge, you can opt for Big Data Training in Noida for a descriptive learning approach. In the last few years, the concept of big data is gaining light, hence a proper training module can help you with the learnings. Big data refers to valuable insights for consumers that companies can use to refine their marketing, promotions, and advertising in order to increase customer engagement and conversion rates.

Here are some attributes of Big Data

  • Volume: The moment you think of big data, volume is the first thing to come to mind. Basically, the size of the data plays a vital role in determining its value. However, it is the volume of the data that generates the idea of big data, its volume explains whether the data is big data or not.
  • Variety: This feature defines the diverse source and nature of data. However, the data is divided into three structures, that is; Structured Data, Unstructured Data, and Semi-Structured Data. Though in earlier times, spreadsheets and databases were the only sources of data consideration. But now with the moving time, we have multiple sources of unstructured data available. They can be photos, emails, audio, monitoring devices, and many more. There is no limit to unstructured data.
  • Velocity: Velocity refers to the speed of the generation of data. Basically, how quickly the data generates and process to meet the demands, determines the potential of data. The flow of data is large and continuous. Also, it can be done through different mediums, like application logs, mobile devices, sensors, social media sites, and more.
  • Variability: This refers to uncertainty in the terms of data handling and management. At times it’s challenging, but businesses require to know when something is trending in social media, and how to manage daily seasonal and event-integrated peak data loads.


With well-manageable and trusting data leads to proper analytics and correct decisions. Basically, to stay competitive, businesses require to capture the full value of big data and operate in a data-driven way. Further, making decisions on the basis of the evidence given by big data rather than with personal instincts. Also, the benefits of being data-driven are clear. As data-driven organizations perform better and are operationally predictable and more profitable. Thus, big data are useful in different manners and at different stages. While going with the trend, Big Data Training in Delhi will help you in learning the true moving dynamics. This is one such area of development, where you can learn about the trending threads. Rather than learning something traditional, you can target the demanding options.

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