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Delicious Gift Ideas for Someone with a Sweet Tooth | Inside Express

Delicious Gift Ideas for Someone with a Sweet Tooth

by joshuajesi
Handmade chocolates from NZ placed on a white gift box over a yellow background.

Delicious Gift Ideas for Someone with a Sweet Tooth

Anyone with a sweet tooth will love receiving edible gifts to satisfy their cravings. But, with so many treats to choose from, it can be overwhelming to find the perfect treat. From cookies to handmade chocolates from NZ chocolatiers, there are a whole bunch of simply scrumptious options to consider. Whether the sweet tooth in your life loves the simple sugar rush from candies or has a refined taste for gourmet chocolates, here are gift ideas they’ll adore. 


Before You Buy Edible Gifts – Know Your Allergens!

Be mindful of the ingredients used in the edible gifts you buy. As much as possible, avoid gifting sweets that contain ingredients your recipient may be allergic to. Also, check the label and expiry date of the sweets when shopping in a physical store. When buying online, you can find these details on the product page. With these considerations in mind, you’re sure to send a thoughtful and delicious gift much appreciated!  


Without further ado, here are the best gifts for anyone with a sweet tooth. 


Assorted Gourmet Chocolate Box

A box of chocolates is quite a cliche gift unless you add a fun twist to the mix. Handmade chocolates crafted from the best chocolate tablets are one way to spice up your gift! These days, chocolates come in a wide range of flavours. If your recipient likes exploring new sweets, you can give them unique handmade chocolates from NZ and other places around the world. Some fruits and flavours mesh so well with chocolate they’ll be surprised and delighted at the variety! 


Cookies in a Tin Case

Now, don’t go giving them a dated tin case with overly sugary cookies. They’ve probably tried those cookies before anyway. You have the choice to bake cookies (if you can!) and repackage them in a pretty tin case. You can also buy the cookies if you don’t have the time or baking powers. An overlooked benefit of gifting cookies in a box is that the recipient can then reuse the tin. Talk about hitting two birds with one stone, well-fed and organised. 


Gummy Vitamins

What are gummy vitamins doing here? When you see “gummy vitamins”, don’t you think it’s for children? You’ll be pleased to hear that there are chewable vitamins for adults that taste as sweet as candy. 


It might seem unusual to give vitamins, but doesn’t it seem like a warm gesture to show that you care for their health? Not only will they have better immunity, but they’ll also have something yummy to chew. You can even take it up a notch and make a care package. What a sweet gift! 


Subscription Box with Sweets

Subscription boxes are a great way to explore and find new sweets to try. Your loved one will appreciate the subscription box, especially if you get one you know is up their alley. For example, a Japanese snack subscription box would be the perfect gift if they love munching on Japanese snacks. If they’re keen on trying all the world’s candies, you can give them a specialised candy subscription box. 


After you’ve picked out the sweets to gift, don’t forget to wrap them in a pretty box if possible. Even if you pick the most delicious chocolates and candies, you should also pay attention to the gift’s presentation. Your recipient will not only be happy to receive something that’ll satisfy their tummy, but they’ll also want to show everyone what you gave. Make it match the occasion! 

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