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Definition of Effective Communication?

by saira

What Is Effective Communication? Skills for Work, School, and Life

We interact with people all day long in person or through the many digital platforms available to us. However, how much of what we communicate does actually reach the intended audience, or the person as we would like? A successful communication is precise and precise in what we want to convey.

Being a good communicater in our personal and professional lives requires the ability to communicate data with clarity compassion and knowing. This article will explain what effective communication is examine its benefits, and provide ways to enhance your communication abilities.

What is the definition of effective communication?

Effective communication involves exchanging thoughts, ideas and opinions, as well as knowledge and data in a way it is understood and received with clarity and meaning. When we communicate effectively both the receiver and the sender feel content.

Communication can take various forms, such as spoken and non-verbal written, visual and even listening. It can be done in person, via websites (on forums social media, forums, and websites) or over the phone (through applications, calls, and video) or via mail.

To be effective in communicating it has to be clear, accurate and concise. It must also be complete, precise and empathetic. These are the five C’s of communication although they could differ dependent on the person inquiring about.

While the efficacy of communication is difficult to gauge, its effect can be hard to ignore. According to one study companies surveyed that were located in United States and United Kingdom that had at 100,000 workers lost $62.4 million annually per year on average due to inadequate communication. However companies that were led by skilled communicators earned more than 50 percent greater return on equity than those with less effective communication in the top positions.

The benefits of efficient communication

The advantages of effective communication can be seen at work and in the classroom and also in your private life. Knowing how to effectively communicate is a benefit in all of these fields.

At work Effective communication can assist you:

  • Build teams and manage employees
  • Expand your business more quickly and keep employees
  • Enjoy increased creativity and ingenuity
  • Develop strong relationships and create more opportunities for your company

In your private life, effective communication could result in:


  • Improvement in emotional, social and mental health
  • Connections with deeper connections
  • New bonds based on trust , and transparency
  • Improved problem-solving and conflict-resolution abilities

Choose the right Medium or Platform.

Making use of the correct method or platform for communicating is crucial. Effective communication requires you to think about whether you’ll need to get together in person or the possibility that Zoom could suffice. Does your message seem casual enough for WhatsApp or is a formal email more thorough and effective? If you’re catching up with a pal, would you prefer talking over the phone or through traditional letters? Whichever method you decide to use is logical and suitable for your needs and current situation.

It’s possible to assess the importance level as well as the kind of message you need. In the case of a marketing campaign do you have a visual element that is posted on Instagram and is this a podcast? Is the platform used for a Facebook posting, product position in a movie, or a poster printed and hung in cafes? In a lecture at a university will students prefer to attend online or in person? Are there discussions afterwards, and would it be productive to conduct the event in a pub or cafe, or even in an outdoor field?

When you consider your audience and practicing active listening, defining your message and deciding on the appropriate medium or location you’re on the path to improving your efficiency in your communication.

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