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Debunking Misconceptions about NDIS Support Coordination

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by benjaminorigin

While NDIS support coordination is still a relatively new concept for most Australians with a disability, there is much information to help people learn. Unfortunately, even with the vastness of data, much misinformation is happening. Many myths and misconceptions are going around about NDIS support coordination that we must address. If you are an NDIS participant, this is your gateway to explore what a support coordinator does and how they can help you. Below are some facts based on the common NDIS support coordination misconceptions.

    • Your Support Coordinator Does Everything for You

False. Support coordination is offered for capacity building to help you develop skills for coordinating your support independently. Support coordination NDIS work with you to improve your understanding of your plan and find the best service provider. You still have to choose the providers, and you can control the services they deliver.

  • You will get Support Coordination if you are Eligible

False. The NDIS considers many factors when gauging your eligibility for support coordination. In the long run, the local area coordinator or NDIS planner will determine your support. The decision is based on their assessment of whether you must get support. Even though they will ask certain questions to determine your eligibility, qualifying still is not simple. Therefore, even though your situation may need you to get support coordination from NDIS, it is not guaranteed.

  • You will not get Support Coordination if you Have a lot of Family and Friends

False. You may still receive support coordination funding even with a large network of family and friends. If these networks do not provide adequate informal support to help you navigate the NDIS, support coordination can still be included in your plan.

  • Funding is not Available for Support Coordination and Plan Management

False. Most assume support coordination is part of plan management or vice versa. These are two different services since Plan Management supports the financial management of your plan, while support coordination coordinates your support and service providers. Your NDIS plan can include both support coordination and plan management. Combining the two ensures you get the most out of your NDIS plan.

  • Support Coordination offers 24/7 Support

False. Support coordinators will help you if you have any issues with providers, especially if you are unhappy with a provider. They may also help when a provider is not delivering their promise. However, in case of emergencies, it is not up to your support coordinator to intervene. You should always contact appropriate agencies.

  • There is a limit on the Period you Can Have Support Coordination

False. Provided you are eligible for support coordination by the NDIS; you are not limited to the number of times you can have support coordination in your plan. However, you should note that each time you request support coordination, you must present evidence to prove to the NDIS that they can support you.

To receive NDIS support, you must ensure you get your information from the right channels. Many false statements confuse people into rethinking their support coordination. Therefore, please take note of these facts and use them to benefit fully from your NDIS plan.

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