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online retirement cards

Online retirement cards

Finally, the time has come when we are supposed to celebrate the retirement of a colleague we must have spent all our life with. Sometimes retirement feels like a curse wherein you are supposed to leave all the work that once pushed you to your limits.  It’s like working, for one thing, all your life and leaving that suddenly one day. It all feels bad and disheartening. And no matter how joyous we try to make it, it will always be a moment to cry about. 

 I am sure you must be feeling the same as one of your dearest colleagues is about to retire. We have gone through the same phase and have adopted ideas that leave behind memories. Our online retirement cards are designed with utmost love and affection.

Believe me, a lot of thinking goes into making the perfect cards according to your preferences. Our retirement ecards are mixed with some added features that allow you to get the card signed by millions of people across the globe without the limitations of time or distance. Each person also gets the chance to add pictures and gifs to make it more personalized along with music to give it an alluring feel. 

Sendwishonline.com has now become a household name in the category of free retirement cards. Join us in the journey as we assist you in celebrating all your occasions in style. Dazzle in the right form while using ours over the top features. Our spectacular customer service is always there to help you with all kinds of customizations, unlike any other providers. 

Now don’t think much, make the right decision with us and start making your very first online retirement card and surprise your colleagues in a classic way. 


Wondering why your card still feels empty? It’s because even after choosing the right card you missed adding your love and affection through wishes. But don’t worry we have got you covered. Here are some of the most wonderful wishes that you can easily use in your online retirement card, it would add more sparkle to your gift. 

  • Your guidance and encouragement have helped me and so many other coworkers thrive in a very competitive environment, and we’ve been so fortunate to have your expertise to rely on. You’ll be missed, but I know your retirement is the right thing at this time. May the next phase of your life bring you all that you seek and more.
  • Wishing you and your family all the best as you enter into a new phase of your life. May you enjoy the extra time that you’ll be spending with them.
  • Retirement is like a never-ending weekend party except that you can’t drink, can’t hook up, and can’t stay up all night even if you want to. So in short, it is boring. Congratulations.
  • Your presence, your guidance, and your supervision inspire us to do better. A colleague like you is simply irreplaceable. Happy Retirement to you!
  • You helped me so much and your thoughts were always well thought out and to the point. I truly appreciate everything you did for me over the years. You will be missed. I hope that you have something wonderful planned!
  • May you have a relaxing new chapter ahead – one where you will have unlimited time to enjoy your life. Happy Retirement!
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   Earned retirement

  • Just wanted to say that I found so many of your ideas inspiring. It’s hard to imagine our workplace without you! I hope retirement brings you the chance to do whatever it is that you always wanted to do but didn’t get to. All the best!
  • The workplace will never be the same without you – the jokes, the laughter, the chats over a coffee break, and our Friday night out! We shared so many fun memories! You will surely be missed! Happy retirement!
  • Cheers to your well-earned retirement! The contributions that you have imparted to the company are invaluable. You are one of the foundations for this company’s success! Congratulations!
  • As a reliable and cool colleague, you have inspired us that through work hard and dedication, we can one day achieve our well-merited retirement. Congratulations on yours! Cheers!
  • While your lovely presence will be missed in the office, the great work you did here ensures that you will not be forgotten anytime soon. What you achieved at this company made quite an impact, and that’s not so easy to do these days. Thank you for being a tireless professional, a helpful coworker, and a good friend. Now go and relax!
  • Retiring does not mean that we will lose touch. I will keep you posted on the latest gossip so make a daily check on your email or better yet, let’s have dinner once in a while. I will miss you! Congratulations on your richly deserved retirement!
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