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Custom Made Websites are Really Expensive, Templates are Saviour.

by Vishank

Whether you want to start a business, get recognized for your talents, or simply give people a space to connect with you, creating a website is a good way to get started. Unfortunately, thousands of people are thinking like you and creating websites that do not stand out. The only ones that manage to create a big name for themselves are those that spend significant money to buy the best templates, hire the best designers and developers and create complex strategies to stay on top.

In such a competitive world, you may find yourself in a fix. After all, getting a website means having to burn a hole in your pocket, right? If you don’t, what are the chances that you will reach the people you want to reach and become a memorable space for them to keep coming back to?

Problem with Custom-made Site and Solution

The problem with custom-made websites is their price. Forget about getting anything less than $5K in this world. If you hire a designer to design your project and then hire any developer to do the coding, they will either charge you hourly or give you a big fixed cost. Also, it takes lots of time and also requires tons of involvement to make it right. You also have to spend money on having good content for your website and then the big thing is SEO. These days it’s a little easy to make a site, but getting traffic is a huge thing, which is actually required when you create a site.

So are you really going to spend a lot of money to just get your site ready? And maybe by doing that you might lose your full budget. Instead, you could find great Bootstrap Templates available in the market and save thousands of dollars and you can employ that in SEO and Content creation. You could also hire a social media team, get some cool software and plug-ins for your site, and even start a full-fledged digital marketing campaign.

The dilemma of Free vs. Premium Templates?

When starting a website, you will have two choices, either start with free templates which are available a dime a dozen, or go for something premium that helps bring out the best in you.

The thing about free templates available on the market is that they are simple and very basic. Also the other downside, however, is that they provide nothing unique to you. You can find the same templates being used by thousands of other websites. There are no special features too. You will get a decent website for free but how will you justify the boring template?

Premium templates, on the other hand, are a riot of modern trends, features, and fonts. You name anything, and you will mostly find it within the template. Whether you want to add the coolest bios and inbuilt and robust blogs, make your business or profile look cooler, or create a highly customized experience for your users too. Any smart webmaster would prefer to go with these templates. They are easy to use, and if you put a good web developer to work, they could even turn it into a mini-masterpiece.

Where can I find the Best Templates?

All you have to do is visit WrapPixel. Get access to several beautiful, interactive, and engaging themes for BootstrapAngular, and more. No matter how you are building your website, WrapPixel can make it better for you. A large number of these themes are free, and others come at very low prices so you can easily pick up a great template whether you want to start a full-fledged business or start a hobby website. You get an easy-to-use, error-free, and professional template that brings your website to life. Who doesn’t want that experience?

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