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Compassion, Curiosity, and Creative Fire in Students

by Shubhamdhyani

Parents frequently wonder why their children cannot understand what is being read to or by them. Reading comprehension meaning can be defined as the effort that the brain makes. The phrase refers to the ability to read, process, and comprehend text.

A parent’s duty is never done. You are constantly teaching your child new things and supporting them in becoming self-sufficient. Raising self-sufficient children is demanding, but seeing your child take responsibility will be satisfying. Independent children have a stronger sense of self, feel more capable in various situations, and can deal with problems independently. One of Dehradun’s best CBSE schools, DPSG, works collaboratively with parents to make the students independent, emphasizing ethics and values which will benefit the children in the long run.

Usher Important Habits Early

Allowing your child to understand that their actions, good or bad, have consequences is one way to help them develop independence. This can help children learn to avoid punishment in the future. It also teaches children that they are self-sufficient individuals who can make their own decisions. If your child always wants to replicate what you do, explain why and let them help you in their way. Demonstrating to children how we consider our actions will teach them to do the same. Self-sufficient children are similar to adults and reflect their parents. As a result, utilize your actions to guide them in the right direction.

Self-sufficient children must be taught that no one is perfect. Allow your child to make mistakes since learning from them is an essential aspect of life. As a result, children can study and mature as independent thinkers. Allow them enough time to figure out how to use failure as a springboard to achievement. It is vital to teaching children decision-making skills so that they can grow up to be self-sufficient. If you teach your child this skill at a young age, you won’t be surprised when they reach adolescence because they already know how to make judgments.

Teaching your child how to save money is an excellent way to help them become self-sufficient. You can give youngsters pocket money and see how they spend it. Make a cost list for them every time their pocket money runs out. This will allow them to stay on top of their spending and spend wisely. Teaching self-sufficient youngsters about time is crucial. This teaches children patience while waiting for something and respect for other people’s boundaries by not overstaying their welcome at someone else’s home.

Dehradun’s best CBSE schools, such as DPSG – Dehradun, encourages parents to start these critical practices early and to ensure that they become ingrained in their children’s personality over time. This will assist children in learning to take the initiative and accept independence.

Why choose us?

The School, built over pristine 15 acres of lush green environs and surrounded by two magnificent mountain ranges, is a learning haven away from the noise and pollution of the city. The vast outdoor learning spaces and the extensive play areas have been most conducive to making these five years of its establishment a memorable education journey for its students.

The well-thought-out education program empowers students to lead their learning through Inquiry, Research, and Exploration. This personalized learning is further supported by an excellent student-teacher ratio, roomy classrooms, advanced IT infrastructure, the best of Blended Learning strategies and resources, and a friendly, happy team of educators. The School revisits its curriculum every year to upgrade it further to be current with the times and the expectations of the changing world norms.

DPSG-DEHRADUN provides the best of amenities-A centrally air-conditioned Smart building, Activity Rooms, Laboratories, Resource Centres, 3-D lab, ergonomically designed furniture, interactive whiteboards, and audio-visual facilities, 24-hour close circuit surveillance of campus, EPABX connections to enhance communication facilities, a well-trained security staff, 100% power and water back up, well-equipped infirmary and a secure air-conditioned transport facility.

However, the happy child-centered program promotes active learning to bring out the best in each child. It helps build a well-rounded and emotionally well-adjusted individual that has helped establish the School as one of its kind in the Dehradun region.

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