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Comparing the Honda Shine and Hero Glamour bikes

by rushilkumar27

When you’re buying your first bike, it’s natural to compare the features of different bikes and choose which one you like better. The Honda Shine and Hero Glamour are two of the most popular choices on the market today because of their long-term value and great performance, but there are some differences between them that you should take into consideration before making your final choice. In this comparison article, we’ll be going over some of the features that make these bikes stand out from each other and help you decide which one is right for you.

Prices and Variants
The Hero bikes are typically cheaper than the Honda bikes. The Hero Glamour features some additional things that are not present in its cheaper counterpart, like a digital meter for speed. It also has an improved suspension system, which makes it easier to use for long distances.
The Hero Glamour price starts from Rs. 76,500 and available in 12 variants. Some more features than the Hero Glamour that may be worth it for those who don’t mind spending more money on their bike. The Honda Shine price starts from Rs. 74,943 and available in 3 variants. The Honda Shine is a good option as well it offers all the standard features you’d expect from a standard and costs just under what most people would expect to pay for a Hero bike.

Dimensions and Chassis
The Honda Shine is a lightweight bike that comes in at just over 114 kg. It has drum brakes, which are more efficient. The Hero Glamour also lacks a kickstand, making parking difficult. Features of the Honda Shine include wheelbase for comfortable riding, alloy wheels for better balance, six speed transmissions for smoother rides, two carriers for carrying your belongings, covered battery that prevents moisture from entering and coil spring suspension system.
The Hero Glamour Dimensions is 2055 mm in length, 735 mm in width and 1070 mm in height with a wheelbase of 1265 mm, it weighs approximately 122kg. While Honda Shine Dimensions is 2046 mm in length, 737 mm in width and 1116 mm in height with a wheelbase of 1285 mm, it weighs approximately 114kg.

Suspension and Handling
The Honda Shine features a reliable suspension system that is paired with a sturdy frame. The Hero Glamour price has a less reliable suspension system which can be hard to manage on bumpy roads. The Hero Glamour is also heavier than the Honda Shine bike, at 122kg compared to 114kg for the Honda Shine. This can make it difficult for some people to ride as it takes more strength to maneuver.
The Honda Shine also has lower gearing, which helps riders achieve higher speeds than on the Hero Glamour bike. However, this comes with an increased chance of breaking down due to excessive wear-and-tear on components like chains, sprockets and cassettes. The suspension system Hero Glamour consists of Telescopic forks up front and Adjustable Hydraulic Shock Absorbers at rear. Honda Shine suspension of the front is Telescopic and rear suspension Hydraulic Type.

Specifications & Features
The Hero Glamour only has one drum brake in the front but does come with drum brakes in the rear to help prevent wheel lockup. It also includes a speedometer, fuel gauge, odometer, two turn signal lights, headlamp and tail lamp.
Hero Glamour Specifications consists of Kerb Weight of 122 kg, Ground Clearance is 180 mm, Wheelbase is 1273 mm with Seat Height of 793 mm, and Power (BHP) is 10.72 bhp @ 7,500 and Torque 10.6 Nm @ 6,000. . Honda Shine specifications consist of Kerb Weight of 114 kg, Ground Clearance is 162 mm, Wheelbase is 1285 mm with Seat Height of 791 mm, Power (BHP) is 10.5 bhp @ 7,500 rpm, Torque (NM) is 11 Nm @ 6,000.
Hero Glamour features such as – Speedometer is Analogue, Electric Start button, Tripmeter is Digital, , Headlight Halogen type, Alloy wheels, Tail light LED type and Pass Light. Honda Shine features such as- Electric Start button, Engine kill switch, Halogen Bulb-DC, Alloy wheels and Pass Light.

Fuel Efficiency & Mileage
The Hero Glamour mileage is 55.8 kmpl and fuel tank capacity is 13.60 liters. This bike also comes with a 5-speed transmission that makes it more powerful and efficient than other bikes on this list. Honda Shine mileage and fuel tank capacity is 65 kmpl and 10.5 litres respectively. The Hero Glamour offers a longer range and consumes less petrol as compared to the Honda Shine.
Another point that should be considered while buying either of these two bikes is that Hero Glamours are being manufactured in India whereas the Honda bikes is Japanese company also manufacture their own vehicles here.

The Hero Glamour is a two-wheeler in its truest form, with a chunky body, practical features, and a no-nonsense design. In contrast, the Honda Shine bike is more of an all-purpose commuter bike with features like an alarm system and lock that work to keep it safe. The Hero Glamour is slightly cheaper than the Honda Shine as well. Both are great choices for specific purposes in mind; I recommend choosing based on your needs.
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