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Can I cancel my Lufthansa Flight Booking for free?

Can I cancel my Lufthansa Flight Booking for free?

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Can I cancel my Lufthansa Flight Booking for free?

The flag carrier of the United Kingdom, Lufthansa Flight, is headquartered in London. The airline ensures that each of its passengers gets the maximum benefits and takes the most comfortable flights with them. You can fly out to around 180 destinations across the world with Lufthansa Flight. 


However, there are times that its flyers terminate their existing booking due to some emergencies or change of plans. To make the procedure accessible to all, the airline lets its passengers cancel their Lufthansa Flight booking online as well as offline. Also, the airline has a fixed set of rules that it follows to make sure that it deals with cancellations unbiasedly with everyone. 


People looking for the online procedure have come to the right place. This post will take you through the process step by step. 

Cancel your Lufthansa Flight booking

To cancel the reservation with Lufthansa Flight, go through the steps below jotted down below and got your refund from the airline. 


  • Open your web browser and search for the official site of the airline.
  • On the menu bar of the homepage, click on Lufthansa Seat Selection option. 
  • Here, enter the required details such as your flight number and first and last name on your ticket, and hit the find flights button. 
  • You will get your booked flight details on the next page of the website. 
  • Besides the information, click on the options and click on the cancel button. 
  • Once you confirm the booking termination, you will receive an email on behalf of the airline about the same. 


Going along these steps one by one, you will get your booking canceled before you know it. 

Just make sure that you have gone through the Lufthansa Flight cancellation policy in detail before you terminate your reservations. This policy is a set of terms and conditions that the airline follows in similar cases. 


To claim a refund and avoid any cancellation charges, try to make the withdrawal within the first 24 hours of you purchasing the flight ticket and get a refundable ticket. It may cost more but has its own benefits. 

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