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Best Ways To Submit Music To Radio Stations

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You’ve come to the perfect location if you want to get your song played on the radio. Many independent musicians would want to have their music promoted by radio, but they are unsure of where or how to send their songs to radio stations.

What young musicians want is radio airplay. It enables musicians to reach a new audience with their songs. Nowadays, independent musicians and artists can submit their work to various community and commercial radio stations. Every week, radio stations receive tens of thousands of submissions, ranging from jazz to hip hop. Many musicians are aware that these stations do not have the time to play every song. Working with someone who is familiar with radio operations and has connections to staff members at community or commercial stations is crucial if you want to gain awareness through radio airplay.

You can send your song to any one of the thousands of radio stations that play music of various genres. It will take some time to find the correct radio stations to broadcast your music; just make sure to check the radio stations’ genre policies before submitting your music to them. Smaller stations are a fantastic place for independent artists to start promoting their song because they tend to be more receptive to playing music from up-and-coming artists.

Submit music as an artist

Make sure you have a top-notch profile on your website built before you finish producing your new song and hope that your efforts will be rewarded with radio play. A Spotify artist profile is also a terrific way for people to find your music. Additionally, keep your music files close at hand since you never know when the chance to submit one of your songs to a commercial radio station will present itself.

Submit to a radio station directly through a music submission platform

Many musicians are aware that submitt your music is a terrific approach to market your music. Through the radio, Spotify, or even music blogs, these platforms help musicians get their music noticed.

Carpet Jam, for instance, is an music submission platform that enables musicians to share their music with radio stations, Spotify playlists, Youtube channels, TikTok influencers, and other music-related platforms. You may even send a record label your music.

A curator will assess and listen to your song once you submit it and, if they like it, they will add it to their playlist, channel, etc. based on the genre of music you have chosen. Our primary goal is to link musicians with curators of art.

Submit via a music plugger or radio plugger

The radio pluggers are specialists in the music business that have strong connections to radio stations and can assist you have your music aired on them. Promoters are another name for radio pluggers, but their duties go beyond merely promoting music.
Emailing a radio plugger one or two URLs from streaming services like Spotify, SoundCloud, Apple Music, or Tidal is the ideal way to submit your music to them. If you don’t know how to transmit music via email, ask someone to do it for you and ask them to make sure there are no watermarks or names in any song’s file name or any song’s actual content that contains samples from other songs.

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