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Best fabric for sarees

by Abdullah12

Sarees are an outfit that never go out of fashion. They are oldest yet the hottest attire out there. A lot of brands are known for their sarees, and they made their name in the fashion world because of it. However, to have a perfect saree there is a lot that needs to be researched and among it one of the things are the fabric for the sarees. In this article we are going to discuss the best fabrics that you can choose to make your sarees.

Before that we need to look into few key points on which one should decide their fabric. The fabric should be light weight, durable and easy to handle. If the fabric keeps on disturbing you the whole day you may start hating it. That is why your fabric should be the one that gives you a good fitting.

Sarees are basically a fabric that is unstitched. If they are not draped well, you may not like it when you wear it. Pleating is a significant part of draping. Moreover, heavy fabric makes draping difficult. The thick fabric makes the women sweat and uncomfortable when they wear it. Also, very thin fabrics also make some women uncomfortable. You should always be careful when picking the fabric and keeping in mind the see-through fabrics too. Furthermore, your saree is defined by how well it is draped. If not draped properly than your outfit will make you look bulky and the look of saree will be ruined.

These are some of the best fabrics that you may choose and will be perfect for your saree:

1) Cotton

Cotton is everyone’s favorite and top selected fabric for sarees. The type of sarees made by this fabric is loved because they are easy to handle and durable. The fabric is fluffy too which makes the person wearing it comfortable. Although cotton sarees may feel a little crisp in the beginning, but eventually they lie on your body very well. The cotton sarees are highly breathable too and are a good option for summers.

2) Georgette

Georgette is a light weight fabric that can be easily draped. The fabric can be used to make daily wear sarees. Moreover, it can also be used to design wedding sarees as georgette comes in a variety of designs.

3) Linen

Linen in currently the most demanded fabric for sarees. They are highly durable, easy to drape. It is also a very light weight fabric, so you can wear it easily.

4) Chiffon

We knew you were waiting for the name of chiffon fabric. It tops the list of the light weight fabrics too. Chiffon fabric has a slightly rough texture, but once you wear it you will feel how comfortable they are. Furthermore, the chiffon fabric is also very stretchy and can hold the pleats well.

5) Silk

Silk sarees are the top hit in the fashion industry. Silk is mainly used for the wedding sarees and parties. The Banarsi sarees and Chanderi saree comes in the list of silk sarees. Every passionate saree lover owns a silk saree in her wardrobe because they know the beauty and vibe of it.


These were the best fabrics according to us that can make the best saree for you. If you understand what characteristic are needed to make a saree you will automatically understand which fabric is the best. I hope after reading our article you will be able to choose the best fabric for your saree.

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