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Best Cloud Servers For 2022

by Casperlawrence
Best Cloud Servers

When you’re looking for the best cloud servers, you want your company website to perform well for visitors and to be available 24/7. Reliability is the most important characteristic of good web performance. Servers can break down, the software can crash, and problems can occur at any time, so the best cloud servers are always up-to-date.

Servers are computer resources that run specific software or do specific tasks. Many different types of servers exist- some for speed, others for a particular application. Choose wisely when purchasing cloud servers to ensure that you’re purchasing a server that fits your requirements most efficiently.

While I have built my fair share of websites and applications. I never thought I’d ever host them on anything other than Heroku. Over the years, I’ve tried other options like AWS, Google Cloud Platform, Digital Ocean, Linode, etc. But none of them ever stuck until I found DigitalOcean.

What are the types of cloud hosting?

  • Managed Cloud Hosting
  • Unmanaged Cloud Hosting

There are two main kinds of cloud server hosting which are selected by web hosts. The kind of hosting service that is chosen depends on different parameters like budget, scalability, and type of clients catered to.

Managed Cloud Hosting 

In managed hosting, the host can listen and work with the website owner. They might be able to support and monitor the hosting of the website. This enables the customer to understand the concept of cloud hosting without stressing about management. There are usually round-the-clock support services available as well. It works best for beginners or those that do not have a solid IT support team. The provider takes care of and guides the customers with the best practices.

Unmanaged Cloud Hosting

In unmanaged hosting, the security and compliances have to be taken care of by the customer. Cost can rapidly rise in this case. It is, however, good for companies that do not want to depend on vendors for scalability and support. In the case of unmanaged cloud hosting, it is best if the client has a dedicated IT team with specialists to guide them in case of glitches in systems.

7 Best Cloud Hosts That You Can Choose From

  1. HostingSeekers
  2. Kamatera
  3. Azure
  4. Brightbox
  5. Alibaba Cloud
  6. Digital Ocean
  7. Google Cloud Host

The advantages of using cloud servers include:

They’re easy to set up; you just need an internet connection and a browser. They don’t require any special software or hardware configuration.

You don’t need any technical knowledge; you can easily use them with a web interface or control panel provided by the provider that offers the best cloud servers like HostingSeekers or Amazon Web Services (AWS).


Cloud servers offer flexibility in terms of storage space and bandwidth as compared to dedicated solutions. You can scale up or down depending on your requirements at any given time without having to invest in additional hardware or software licenses.


You can scale up or down your cloud server whenever you want without having to buy new hardware or change anything else about it. This also allows businesses to expand their


Most providers offer monitoring software that allows you to monitor your server’s performance in real time. This makes it easy for you to identify any problems with your server before they get too severe.


All cloud servers have security measures installed in order to keep your data safe from outside threats such as hackers or viruses.


Since you don’t own the hardware that is being used by your virtual machine, it is easy for you to scale up or down depending on how much power you need at any given time.

High-performance storage

Cloud servers with high-performance storage will give you the memory and speed you need to run your applications smoothly. This makes them ideal for use cases like web hosting, eCommerce, and social media marketing.

High network bandwidth

Cloud servers with high network bandwidth let you transfer large amounts of data quickly, which makes them ideal for large file transfers or backups.


Selecting the best cloud hosting service can be challenging because there are so many to choose from and their offerings vary greatly. We often use a formula to select our top picks, but we normally don’t share it with you. Instead, our ratings and reviews give you a good sense of what each cloud server has to offer. Our goal is to help you make an informed decision, whether you’re interested in managed WordPress hosting, Web hosting, or a more general outline of the best hosting services.

Here are some important questions to ask:

Is the cloud provider HIPAA compliant? 

HIPAA compliance is important for anyone who handles sensitive patient information. If this applies to you, make sure the provider has undergone an audit by an independent third party who specializes in HIPAA compliance testing.

Can I access my data from anywhere?

If you want your data available from anywhere in the world (or just from anywhere within your office), make sure that your cloud server provider offers it as an option before signing up with them. Depending on whether you opt for public or private clouds, there may be different options available to suit your needs.

Why Cloud Servers?

Cloud servers are a great solution if you’re looking to host a website or application on the web. They provide flexibility, scalability, and control over your hosting environment.

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